EG Pulse Update

EG Pulse, from Elliott Garage, was updated with a switch to correctly orient the pad layout. Anyone making a drum pad style controller should definitely do it the way that the MPC, and then Native Instruments Maschine, taught generations of musicians to use pad style controllers.

What's new in EG Pulse v1.18:

- Added setting to switch default top-down Pads layout to bottom-up MPC style layout
- Metronome: Button to activate Metronome is also in main view (Snap button is no longer needed, as you can just tap on the quantize setting in the top display)
- Metronome can be activated during playback too
- Fixed audio clipping on choke

Scarf Dancing Tutorial (KG1 - Grade 1)

Ms. Anastasia is one of many teachers that is now teaching from home during the pandemic. I think she's a music teacher, because I found her showing the little ones how to play with the iXylophone app.

I wanted to highlight this scarf dancing tutorial. We did not have scarf dancing lessons when I was in school, so I was never able to follow my dreams and join an Authentic Klezmer Wedding Band.

Video Description:

You can use a scarf, a pretty T-shirt, or even a pillowcase!
Practice this 2-3 times. Then try it with some different music.
Create 3-5 of your own special scarf movements.

Cubasis 3 Update

Steinberg updated Cubasis 3 with Apple Pencil Support and an editing feature for the MiniSampler.

What's new in Cubasis 3 v3.0.2:

CBT-1416 MiniSampler Full Feature Update
CBT-0970 Apple Pencil Support
CBT-1409 Audiobus SDK 3.0.11

Maintenance and improvements
CBT-1388 Switching to home screen while background audio is enabled and playback is running, no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1432 Importing an audio or MIDI file, while a group track is selected no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1219 Resolves a problem, where loading a project which is set to a different sample rate causes detuning.
CBT-1481 Addresses a problem where MicroSonic release times are played too long, compared to Cubasis 2.
CBT-1385 Inter-App Audio track monitoring now works as expected. Holding a keyboard key and moving up into the minimap no longer leads to loud notes.
CBT-1401 Resolves a problem where MIDI effect plug-ins are listed as regular insert effects in the mixer.
CBT-1556 Addresses a problem, where the MediaBay toolbar is not properly updated, when switching to the instrumentsfolder.
CBT-1330 Registering Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1522 Solves a graphical issue, where the monitoring button appears on MIDI tracks in the mixer.
CBT-1555 Resolves a graphical issue, where the my presets list have the wrong height.

Telepapi - Celebrate 303 DAY

Reader telepapi is celebrating European 303 Day (30.3.2020) with Pure Acid! This one is a bit agro!

Video Description:

Made for this day:
303 DAY Livestream hosted by Siegfried Kärcher (FORCE Inc./MP)
LIVE STREAM ON 30.3.2020

Produced by Telepapi / Roland Etzin
303 Sound used in the video: JimAudio Pure Acid
Parts of the video made with: PixiTracker

Ave Mcree: AudioKit Bass 808 & MPC ONE Beat Making!

YouTuber Ave Mcree checks out the new Bass 808, and uses it to make a beat on his MPC ONE. The video starts a little glitchy, but you can follow the audio until the video starts playing correctly at 1:41.

Video Description:

A beat making video with the new AUv3 iOS app by AudioKit Pro called "808 Synth Bass". It's an 808 synth (Duhhhhhh!) that creates the phattiest bass you'll hear! I make a beat on my AKAI MPC ONE using the iPad Pro 2018 (I want the new 2020 model but whatever!). I go over some of the presets and how it works. How do you feel about this? Leave a comment below!

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