Logan J. Smith - Fugue No. 24 in B Minor

YouTuber Logan J. Smith concludes his 24 Fugues for Fugue Machine with a dramatic flourish!

Video Description:

Fugue No. 24 in B Minor by logan.jacob
from 24 Fugues for Fugue Machine

Recorded 3/25/2020 on iPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9"

For my final fugue in this series features the Gregorian Chant Dies Irae as the subject played by the Circuit Mono Station running through Alter Ego Vintage Echo 4x and Snake Bite Reverb. The other synth voices are Quanta, Aparillo, and Ravenscroft 275, each with their own set of effects listed below. The drums come from Patterning 2, with the kick pattern being doubled in Ruismaker Noir. This series has been a ton of fun to create, and I've learned a lot about Fugue Machine and creating music on the iPad over the last couple of months and I'm looking forward to seeing where my music goes from here. Thanks to those of you who have been listening during this, you've been a real inspiration for me! Enjoy!

Synth Voices, all sequenced by Fugue Machine:
Channel/Playhead 1: Circuit Mono Station processed through my pedal board (Alter Ego Vintage Echo 4x, Snake Bite Reverb)
Channel/Playhead 2: Quanta, processed by Gliderverb and Kosmonaut
Channel/Playhead 3: Aprillo, processed by BLEASS Reverb and K7D
Channel/Playhead 4: Ravenscroft 275, processed by BLEASS Reverb, Tape Cassette, BLEASS Filter, and Kosmonaut

Channel 6: Patterning 2, processed by BLEASS Filter and Reverb, and Kosmonaut
Channel 7: Ruismaker Noir, sequenced by Patterning 2 kick pattern, processed by BLEASS Reverb

Channel 8: Main Mix Bus, processed by Final Touch

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Masta Hanksta - Wuhan Chops feat. Cardi B

I clicked the latest video from DJ Masta Hanksta assuming that he shared my love of garish transexuals with bad taste and worse nails. It was just Cardi B. There have been a lot of Cardi B remixes following an InstaRant.

Video Description:

Testing out djay Pro video mixing features
This beat was created by me on Logic Pro X
with Cardi B corona virus rants.
Video scratching with djay Pro by Algoriddim on IOS
iPhone 7 plus

App Sales: DAWed Off

AUM, Cubasis 3, Auria Pro all went on sale! If you can read this, you probably already own at least 2 of these.

WaveMachine Labs, Inc. updated Auria with AUv3 side chain support for apps that support multi-bus routing.

What's new in Auria Pro - Music Production v2.24:

- Added new MIDI enable button
- Added Audio Unit side chain support
- Added support for iOS 13
- Fixed issue with AU plugins causing freezing when loaded into AUX slots
- Fixed issue with track naming when dragging audio into Auria from the Files app
- Fixed issue with AU plugins not being saved when freezing tracks
- Fixed issue with zip file decompression
- Fixed issue with restoring certain purchases
- Added support for recording busses
- Fixed issue with Audiobus names being cut off at the end
- Fixed issue with Audiobus port assignments not being remembered
- Added support for buffer sizes larger than 512 when using MIDI
- Fixed issue with Lyra keyboard not defaulting to its specific track
- Added support for Use Audiobus 3 (Audio only)
- Fixed issue with Velocity Rescale
- Fixed issue with dragging a stereo audio file into a track
- Fixed issue with freezing / unfreezing causing CPU meter to peak
- Fixed preset name issue when unfreezing an AU effect
- Fixed issue with bus recording being mono only
- Fixed bus recording latency issue
- Fixed issue with AU plugins in AUX slots not receiving audio
- Added side chain support for MIDI tracks

iPadOS 13.4 Update adds Trackpad, Mouse Support & More

iOS 13.4 is now available, with a surprising amount of new features added for a point release. Hopefully they didn't break anything. But they almost certainly did, so maybe wait a couple weeks for 13.4.1?

YouTuber Brandon Butch shows off the new features in the update. The mouse support seems interesting, but the mouse cursor has a lot less contrast to the one we've got right now in iOS 13's accessibility feature.

Video Description:

iPadOS 13.4 Released - What's New? | iOS 13.4 on iPad Trackpad Support + Other Changes & Features (Review)

Apple just released the final, public version of iOS 13.4/iPadOS 13.4 almost 2 months after the release of iOS 13.3.1 and it's a HUGE update!

In this video, we cover everything new in iOS 13.4 - the features & changes, mouse & trackpad support, performance, battery life, bugs/bug fixes and if you should update or not!

▶️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandonbutch
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▶️ Apple Music: https://apple.co/2VF3KZj
▶️ Snapchat: bb255

Sanket Dehade - Go Corona Go

With 20% of the world's population in lockdown, there are a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands. Sanket Dehade brings us the best use of a minute you'll find all day. Especially if you're a fan of Axel F.

Video Description:

Hope everyone is staying healthy (both physically and mentally) during this time. A little tune about how self-quarantine is going for us, from a musician who suddenly found themselves with a lot of time on their hands. Stay safe everyone, and help flatten this curve.
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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sanket.dehade
Twitter - https://twitter.com/DehadeSanket


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