MobileMusicPro: How to Process Drums in Cubasis 3

Vortex from MobileMusicPro did a tutorial on mastering drums in Cubasis 3, with a little help from AUv3s.

Video Description:

In this video we show you how to process drums for a trap loop and apply effects to the kick, snare, hats and 808 tracks using Cubasis’s built in effects as well as some additional popular auv3 apps.

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Music Factory Studios: DDMF Envelope Reverb - Guitar Demo

YouTuber Music Factory Studios shows off DDMF's Envelope Reverb with some excellent guitar playing.

Video Description:

Let's check out DDMF's Envelope Reverb plugin For iPadOS it is also available for Windows & MacOS as an VST, Audio Unit (AU) & AAX for Avid's Pro Tools.

Taetro: Xynthesizr Ambient Meditation

YouTuber Taetro did a relaxing meditation jam with Xynthesizr!

Video Description:

A mellow ambient meditation session with my iPad
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►🎹Seen in this session:
XYNTHESIZR APP running through REV Reverb by Arturia and blended with a field recording from my porch.

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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: AudioKit Sub Bass 808 Review

AudioKit are about to release a new bass synth for that deep 808 Bass sound. This is going to be a "Limited Edition" app that will only be available for a few weeks before being priced to $999. This seems entirely counter to their high-accessibility approach of making everything open-source. It sounds pretty damn impressive on this jam from Sound of Izrael, so keep your eyes peeled for this or you will definitely miss out.

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy did a full review of Sub Bass 808, going deep on the features in this deep bass!

Video Description:

Sub Bass 808 for iOS review ,
Audiokit is coming out with a new app with a twist. Audiokit is explaining it this way:
"This is the first app in our series of "Limited Edition App Drops", these apps will only be available for sale for a couple of weeks (like a Sneaker drop). They will continue to be updated and in the app store, but the price tag will go to the maximum amount ($999) in the app store. Thus, making a unique instrument with sounds available only to an exclusively small amount of musicians. "
A new way to create uniqueness for an app.
But first of all, is it any good? YES!

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Perplex On - Volca Drum + iPad Glitch Jam

YouTuber Perplex On ran his Volca Drum into the upcoming GlitchCore with Factory and Aparillo.

Video Description:

First run with the Volca Drum trying to get some glitched percussion, accommpanied with pads coming from Factory and Aparillo. Additional live glitching with GlitchCore (beta).

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