IK Multimedia iGrand Piano for iPad

IK Multimedia have released iGrand Piano, dedicated to providing high quality Piano samples from 17 different types of pianos.

iTunes Description:

Turn your iPad into the ultimate piano instrument with an extraordinary collection of ultra-realistic acoustic piano instruments along with built-in recording!


  • 8 world-class, multi-velocity stereo grand and upright piano instruments (including one by registering)
  • Expandable library of 9 additional studio-grade instruments instantly available via in-app purchase
  • Intuitive instrument edit controls including ambience, lid, brightness, release, tuning and transpose
  • Included MIDI Recorder with overdub and punch-in capability
  • Export performances via E-mail, File Sharing, Audio Copy
  • Easy-to-use instrument editor with transpose to adjust ambience, tonality and tuning
  • Virtual MIDI and MIDI Program Change support

It's nice of IK to be up front about the In-App Purchases, but I cannot find the price on those; no one has purchased them on iTunes yet, and their website is not working at this time. Here is a very nice demo though!

Buy iGrand Piano Free on iTunes: Free


Buy iGrand Piano for iPad on iTunes: 19.99

NodeBeat VS Piano Improvosation

Just yesterday I found a video of a guitarist improvising against Figure, and today ExperimentalSynth's Chris Stack uploaded a similar video with even more dynamics as he plays Piano while NodeBeat bounces around inside of a Korg Wavestation VST.


Buy NodeBeat on iTunes: $1.99

Buy NodeBeat HD on iTunes: 3.99

Jam Like Rheyne with Rheyne Jammer for Lemur

Liine has released Rheyne's Lemur template as a "Premium Content", but it is totally free on their website for registered users. Liine also conducted an interview with Rheyne, which highlights his background, influences and plans for the future.

Rheyne is often featured here for his amazing sets that combine loops from apps, hardware, and software synthesizers. Now you can take a crack at making your own with his Lemur-based workflow.

Rheyne has been getting serious attention in the music tech underground recently through his series of improvised jams on Youtube. It's no surprise why, really. Rheyne is playing real live electronic music. That means he's improvising beats and melodies, resampling himself and tweaking the results. He was kind enough to prepare this demo set so we could share this with everybody. At a time when many performers are happy to simply press play, Rheyne's approach is a breath of fresh air. He has a serious background playing with bands, and this influence is clear in his approach to producing and playing.

You'll need Ableton Live to make use of this, but the download includes an Ableton session that will get you up and running in a hurry.

There is even a nice tutorial video, produced by Rheyne, so you can hear how it is meant to work from the man himself.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

Sample Squad iOS Mega Pack

Reader Bianca wrote in to tell me about a new sample pack for both BeatMaker 2 and NanoStudio.

The Sample Squad iOS Mega Pack includes includes 8 packs (128 unique samples in total) with presets for both apps, for $3.49.

The packs are derived from exotic hand drums, metallic objects, and a bit of studio trickery on a few of them:

• Bodhran
• Frame Drum
• Dumbek
• Brass Vase
• Aluminium Bowl
• Metal Grate Plus
• Metal Strikes
• Resonant Metal Tube

Here's a nice sounding demo that includes some of the samples from all 8 packs.

I've had a pretty strict rule about not posting Sample Packs here, unless they include quotes from Throbbing Gristle members in the press release. I'm letting this one slide just to bring up the conversation and get your feedback. From my perspective Samples are totally generic sounds, they can be used or gotten from anywhere. There is little that makes them iOS specific. Hell you can make them yourself for NanoStudio with Will's free web app. I'd like to know what you guys think. Do you want to see iOS specific sample pack news? Let me know in the comments!

Guitar with Figure Jam

Ken Karsh is a guitarist who likes his iPad. His YouTube Channel has several interesting combinations of the two.

Here is a very active jam that appeals to my ADHD; he's all over both Figure and the guitar in this Improvisational Duet!

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

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