Chris Lody - Sorry Not Sorry

Chris Lody failed to make a gentle ambient piece, and instead brings us a richly textured Industrial drone with his Volca Modular and Bass. I think he's got the same problem as me. I'm a happy guy. I'm not even a little depressed. But my muse is fucking dark. Every time I try to make a happy song, it goes straight to Hell.

Video Description:

Yet again a failed attempt to make some 'nice' ambient music, failed by quite a large margin this time and ended up following my mood into some industrial noise drone music.

Mostly since I got the Volca Modular i've been using it to make 'music', you know, with chords and melodies, things like that. So I thought I'd be nice to try something a bit more fixed. Well this is where I ended up. Using a different radio as a noise source for the Modular this time I patched something fairly randomly just trying to find something I like the sound of, which is a tactic that seems to work fine on the modular.

The Volca Bass is playing 3 octaves of the same note (I think, not 100% sure) through the Monotron delay which is being held on by a lump of blue tack and a D cell battery. Zoom 1201 reverb again. That's about it.

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KORG Bluetooth MIDI Controller – Update Tutorial

Manufacturer KORG has released a firmware update for the nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio, and microKEY Air that enables them to be used as a Bluetooth MIDI controller in iOS. Which is surprising to me, because I assumed they could already do that. Perhaps iOS 13 broke this? Here's how you update the devices.

Video Description:

Here’s how to update your Korg Bluetooth MIDI controller, such as a nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio, or microKEY Air, to be compatible with the latest iOS update for Bluetooth.
To start your Korg controller in UPDATE MODE.

nanoKEY Studio: Set the mode switch to “USB”, press and hold the [Octave -] and [Sustain] buttons while connecting the controller to the computer’s USB port.
nanoKONTROL Studio: Set the mode switch to “USB”, press and hold the [Mute 8] and [Select 8] buttons while connecting the controller to the computer’s USB port.
microKEY Air 25/37/49/61: Set the mode switch to “USB”, press and hold the [Octave Down] button and keyboard’s leftmost key while connect the controller to the computer’s USB port.

System Updater Downloads

nanoKEY Studio -
nanoKONTROL Studio -
microKEY Air 25 System Updater -
microKEY Air 37/49/61 System Updater -

iOS13 Support for KORG Product (Corrected Issue with BLE-MIDI Connections for Controller Products ) News Bulletin

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L.A. Stories Episode 1: Tim Exile and Endlesss

Gaz Williams has launched a new YouTube series, L.A. Stories! The first episode features a discussion with Tim Exile about his upcoming app Endless... while walking through a park. Never skip cardio!

Video Description:

In this first of episode of my new series LA Stories, I meet with Tim Exile at the Griffith Observatory overlooking L.A. We have a deep discussion about the underlying philosophies of his groundbreaking collaborative app Endlesss. Visit Endlesss.FM to learn more about this incredible jamming software.

Apologies for some dodgy gimbal related footage with my massive head taking up far too much screen real estate!

Check out Endlesss here:

Read more about Tim here:

See our feature on Sonicstate about Endlesss here:

The Sound Test Room: Bit Maestro - Unique AUv3 Bitcrusher

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shows off the new Bit Maestro effect by David Blake!

Video Description:

You can get bit Maestro here at the App Store

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LumaFusion Update

LumaFusion, from Luma Touch LLC, was updated with a new export option to take your projects into Final Cut Pro X. The update also allows for easier library management with different sources and destinations.

They've also released a 23-part official tutorial series, which I've embedded below.

What's new in LumaFusion v2.2.0:

• FCPXML Export. Export your LumaFusion projects to Final Cut Pro X for continued editing on the desktop. We've created exciting workflows that make it easy to transfer XML and relink original media to save time and storage. FCPXML Export is available as a one-time in-app purchase in LumaFusion. To find out more about what features are supported, please check out FAQs and tutorials at:
• Add/Edit Sources and Destinations. Easily organize library and import sources, and export destinations, including separate organization for each export type. Simply tap on the Add/Edit Sources or Add/Edit Destinations buttons in the source and destination selectors in LumaFusion. GNARBOX and WD Wireless users will need to re-add those library sources after updating to version 2.2
• Incredible new tutorial videos featuring PhotoJoseph help you get the most out of LumaFusion. The reference guide and tutorial videos are nicely synced up, so you can find the information you need, when and where you need it. View the new tutorials at
• New Storyblocks Collections let you find interesting curated content quickly (LumaFusion includes a selection of free content from Storyblocks; access to the full library requires and in-app subscription).
• Added support for the new SanDisk iXpand Drive Go

• Google Drive support has been greatly improved, including full support for project archive and restore
• Improved keyboard shortcuts
• Double-tap to reset now works on the levels control
• Many additional user interface improvements

• Fixed dozens of issues that improve stability, usability and performance.
In upcoming releases we will continue adding new features, and will continue to enhance every aspect of LumaFusion. Find tutorials, reference-guide, answers to your questions, and contact us directly at
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