App Sales: Eventide Effects

Eventide just put all of their effects apps on sale for 50% off! This is the lowest price ever on all of these apps. The sales list even includes the new Spring Reverb that was only just released last month.

haQ attaQ: My Top 5 FX App Plugins for 2019

Jakob Haq names his favorite effects plugins from 2019. If you missed it, here's his Top 5 Synths from 2019.

Video Description:

Here are my Top 5 favourite FX Plugin Apps for iOS from 2019! There were a lot of FX plugs that came out last year, 79 of them in fact. We got everything from reverbs, delays, compressors and filters to shimmer effects, all of them supporting AUv3. Picking just 5 wasn’t easy. Check it out!

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Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio Update

Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio, from Ampify Music, was updated with Automation!

What's new in Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio v2.0:

Bring your songs to life with automation. Just hit the record button and move some instrument controls — it’s a simple as that.

This is the biggest update to Groovebox since its launch in 2017. Automation was by far the most popular feature request, and we’re pleased to bring it to you completely free of charge. If you enjoy using Groovebox, we'd really appreciate a review on the App Store. If you find bugs or have any comments, drop us a line at

Bristol Manor did a moody-groovy jam with the app. Here is an official update video from Ampify.

DigiKeys AUv3 Sequencer Plugin Update

DigiKeys AUv3 Sequencer Plugin was updated with Multi-output support for AUM, bringing it in line with 4Pockets' other apps updated yesterday. The update also adds a Live Matrix mode on iPad.

What's new in DigiKeys AUv3 Sequencer Plugin v1.02:

Fixed an issue with long sustained notes being cut-off.
Added multi-bus audio output support for use in AUM.
Added the ability to remotely trigger patterns and scenes using MIDI.
Added a Live Matrix mode that allows live performance and scene creation. (iPad Only)
Other bug fixes.

Developer Paul the MusicMan shows off the Live Matrix in his latest video.

Casio MT-68 with FAC Alteza Reverb

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul made her old Casio MT-68 sound amazing with FAC Alteza!

Video Description:

I wanted to try out the FAC Alteza reverb on my old Casio MT-68 and boy was I glad I did. It really changed it and I liked what I heard.
This set up is the keyboard out going into my Focusrite Scarlett interface and that going into the usb hub and the lightning to usb going to the iPad as well as a small but powerful battery!
I recorded the whole thing in AUM and that is the sound you hear. I didn't alter it in any way!
Thanks for watching and hope you can subscribe and share!

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