Animoog sale!

Both versions of Moog's Animoog are on sale now! Big discounts here too, not no measly 50%-off! This is a great opportunity to snap up either version if you're missing one.... because you know you want both!

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $9.99 (On sale, $29.99)

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)

This is in celebration of Bob Moog's birthday, and will run until May 29th.

They've also released a video of students playing with Animoog at their store. #CelebrateBob

Play Piano for Kids iPad eBook

I realize quite a lot of you are parents, and I wouldn't blame you for keeping the smaller ones away from my ECPM lessons. However, if you want to vicariously get your kids involved in music this might be a good place to start.

Play Piano for Kids Vol. 1 is a $0.99 iPad interactive eBook designed by a Piano teacher, Andrew Ingkavet. Here's a video of him talking about how the program works.

You can find our more information on his website. It looks like everything, including membership is free!

BeatMaker 2 Free-style Face-melter

YouTuber Malevko is putting his MPC talent to nice use here on BeatMaker 2! I don't often post videos that are using the camera mic, but this sounds very good and is worth seeing.

Very impressive performance. You can tell he's been practicing on that MPC, below the iPad, for quite a while.

Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

Jim McLaren's Vitriol

Jim McLaren has managed to out do himself on this one. High production values in this music video show off a crazy amount of hardware and apps all being performed by Jim! I'm not even going to bother trying to list them all.

Just watch the video and hang-in there, through this ProgStep Ballad.

I love how Fishing with Jim (no relation) is always a suggested video in all of Jim McLaren's Videos.

luanna for iPad with Tutorial Video

luanna (that's a lower-case L) from phontwerp_ looks like a cross between Strange Agency's Donut and GlitchBreaks, but sounds like some mad-ethereal dream. This "audio-visual application designed for the iPad that allows you to create and control music through the manipulation of moving images" looks really interesting, but doesn't provide a lot of details on iTunes.

Fortunately developer/musician Manabu Shimada, put out a nice little tutorial video (in English) to explain what it does and how.

Please note that this app is restricted to iPad 2 or later.

Buy luanna for iPad on iTunes: $16.99

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