Using Fugue Machine with a Hardware Synth in AUM

YouTuber Logan J. Smith did a great video documenting how he is controlling a Novation Circuit Mono Station with Fugue Machine. You can hear the results in his latest jam.

Video Description:

This video shows my process of connecting my Novation Circuit Mono Station to my ipad and routing Fugue Machine in AUM to control Oscillators 1 and 2 of the Mono Station.

Specifically, it shows my setup for this video:

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Hammond B-3X Update

Hammond B-3X, from IK Multimedia, was updated with keyboard split! You can now specify which section should be responding to which MIDI notes, allowing you to play all 3 sections from a single MIDI keyboard.

What's new in Hammond B-3X v1.2.0:

What’s new in version 1.2:

- Keyboard split feature lets you play upper, lower & pedal manuals from a single keyboard
- Improved CPU performance on older iPad models
- Improved AUv3 support for all iPad models
- General reliability improvements

YouTuber Jake Kulik shows off the keyboard split in this demo jam!

Ranzee: Volca FM Firmware 1.09 Unofficial

YouTuber Ranzee shows off an unofficial Volca FM firmware that adds support for live editing of parameters via MIDI SysEx. In this example he's using the desktop version of Dexed. I don't have a Volca FM to test this out, but from looking at the features of the iOS version I believe it would also work.

Video Description:

There's a new unofficial firmware update from Paten via Reddit - it's for the Volca FM and version 1.09! Let's check out the new features:

- Sending Sysex from DEXED using it as a front end to sound design
- Fixes for the program change feature

Download link is on my website:

Credit goes to the firmware author: Paten via reddit:

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Preview: Magellan Synthesizer 2 by Yonac

Yonac Software promises that a new Magellan 2 will be arriving very soon! The original Magellan was released in 2012, and became a must-have in every iOS musician's arsenal. I'm super excited to see what's coming next!

Video Description:

A classic is reborn: Magellan 2, universal synth for iOS. Coming very soon.

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BASSalicious 2 Update

BASSalicious 2, from Gospel Musicians, was updated with support for storing the app's large sample library on External SSD storage! We saw this feature late last year in Gospel Musicians flagship app Neo-Soul Keys 2.

What's new in BASSalicious 2 v2.3.1:

- Added External SSD Storage for Samples
- Major CPU, RAM, Graphics, and Loading Optimizations
- Added two options for MIDI Program change
- Added iCloud Backup, which would include sharing presets
- Fixed Crashing with Focusrite Drivers
- Dynamically Resizable Preset and Oscillator Browser
- Expand Preset Option to pin at the top of the interface
- Support for BlueTooth MIDI
- Added ability for MIDI Global Learn
- Added Mute/Solo to main interface
- Added modulation smoothing for popular modulation sources.
- Added Global Tuning, Transpose, and Velocity Curve
- Full interface view in AUv3
- Full view for the iPad 11 Pro
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