MIDI Designer 1.4 Now Available

MIDI Designer is now Universal, among other new features in this update.

What's new:

  • Accelerometer (assign X or Y to controls, limiting by Z axis): assign X or Y to any control, and choose which Z axis orientation fits you
  • Led Colors for Individual Controls, Panels and Labels: in a word, awesome!
  • Page Organizer in Design Mode
  • New slider/knob lift-off protection: sliders don't trigger values on finger off.
  • Improvements to Bonjour browser for better detection of changes in available Wifi connections
  • Crossfader overlap allows non-centered transition for crossfader subcontrols

The developer released a couple of preview videos for this update. You can find the first here, and the second on YouTube.

Buy MIDI Designer Lite on iTunes: Free


Buy MIDI Designer Pro on iTunes: $18.99

Impaktor Update

BeepStreet's Impaktor got its first update today, adding support for iPhone 5 screens and 31 new presets. The ability to mix in audio from the music player sounds promising as well!

What's new:

  • Support for iPhone 5 screen
  • Fixed problems with project bounce and delay synchronization
  • Send recordings via email
  • Tap tempo
  • Mix audio with music player
  • 31 new presets
  • Extended tempo range
  • Randomize button added to the synth section
  • New filter type

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

Vote for your favorite Scary Sound!

10 folks participated in the first Preset Design Contest! Which is honestly 7 more than I dared to hope for. In fact there were several people who included lots of presets, but to keep things simple I had to ask them to choose only one for the contest.

Here are the 10 presets for your consideration! Please vote by hitting the "Like" button in the top right of the player, when it is playing the one that you want to vote for. You can vote for as many of them as you like, but only the 3 with the most votes will win!

Update: Voting is now closed! Thank you very much to all participants and voters for making this first contest such a success!

Voting ends October 31st, whenever I wake up enough to tally the votes. I'll also post a Magellan preset bank full of the contest entries, plus some bonus patches, for everyone to download!

Fletcher Kaufman, from Sunsine Audio, is directly in the path of Hurricane Sandy. He let me know he was notified today by his power company to expect power loss of up to a week! He wanted me to assure you he will get the prizes out as soon as he is able.

Audiobus is "Impossible", Also Releasing Soon!

Michael Tyson and Sebastian Dittmann have updated the Audiobus Tumblr with The State of the 'Bus!

The main theme of the article is how impossibly difficult it has been to actually make Audiobus, let alone make sure it works with so many different apps in numerous configurations.

Comparing SoundCloud's SDK to Audiobus' SDK

Every app that supports [SoundCloud's SDK] interacts with [just] the SoundCloud servers.

Audiobus on the other hand makes apps interact with each other. The amount of complexity added by this is enormous. That apps can be arranged in a variety of ways, and perform a variety of roles - inputs, effects and outputs - within the Audiobus connection graph complicates matters even further.

The last several weeks have been especially stressful for the team, as they await the schedules of third-party developers. The blog post goes into this a bit and the effect this has had on delaying the release.

The good news is it will be releasing soon, despite being a completely impossible task in the first place!

From postponing launch by a few months, to a few weeks, we’re now postponing it by days. Which means you, dear reader, are getting real close to holding Audiobus in your hands.

iOS Update Vol. 18 - BT-105 & GuitarToolkit

This week Mitch takes a look at AirTurn BT-105, a Bluetooth pedal designed for turning pages in sheet music. You can also use it in other ways, such as with apps that accept BT-as-MIDI assignments, like Loopy.

Buy GuitarToolkit on iTunes: $9.99

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