Mr. Nibble - Toy Lovesong

Mr. Nibble has a lot of "toy" instruments and iDevices. When he plugged in a heart shape on his Bliptronic 5000, he got inspired to make a song based on the resulting rhythm. Many apps are featured, including Fessaboy's Audio MIDI Connect!

Video Description (My poor translation, I think it is supposed to be poetry):

A sequence unintended, as love is often the same ... it comes, without choosing it ... a sequence of chords, senselessly trying to fit together ... but in the end, it is impossible to make it sound like you expected and wanted.

An experimental song from the idea of drawing a LED Heart in Bliptronic, and trying to build a song around this strange "sequence of love" featuring sounds of:

Love Sequence by Bliptronic 5000 + Reverb/Delay Korg MiniKaosspad
Bass Love Sequence by Bliptronic 5000 + Audio MIDI Connect app + synth Waldorf Nano in CME
Strange Love Percusions by Bliptronic and Impaktor app
Lover voice by Virsyn iVoxel app
Space Love Sounds by Korg Monotron into Monotron Delay
Love Trumpet Lead by Figure app
Love Drums by Korg Kaossilator

Buy Audio Midi Connect on iTunes: $4.99


Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

Buy iVoxel on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Drumming with Smart Phones

Guillaume Bellec has been up to an interesting school project, using a couple of phones and TouchOSC to drum with!

Very cool! You can play with this project as well! All you need is PureData(free), and Guillaume's Gigote.pd patch. To download click the "File" menu at the top, and Download from the file menu. This is a really rough version, and not intended for release, but I asked him if we could play with it and he agreed!

For complete details his project thesis is available here.

Noisepad Update Fixes!

Noisepad was issued an update today which fixes a bug that would "break all samples" in the previous version. Nice!

Since not a single person mentioned this bug to me, I assume that means none of you have it. Here's the latest infomercial that will try to change that. I haven't played with it either, but it looks cool.

Buy Noisepad on iTunes: $4.99

PSY - Gangnam Style (Funk Rock iPad Cover)

You guys aren't sick of Gangnam Style, right? Well I hope not anyhow, as this funky version from Vito Astone is quite unique.

You'll have to sing along on your own though, as there are no lyrics in this cover.

PPG WaveGenerator gets Virtual MIDI In

PPG WaveGenerator has been updated with "bug fixes" and new support for background audio and Virutal MIDI In.

What's new:

  • Virtual MIDI in
  • Audio mix/ background mode
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Buy PPG WaveGenerator on iTunes: $19.99

Very nice news! I hope those unspecified bug fixes address some of the problems I've heard from folks on Twitter.

Here is a recent video from beta tester Geert Bevin, showing off what's coming in the next update, with Voice-per-channel MIDI on his Eigenharp Pico.

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