miRack Update

miRack, from mifki Limited, was updated with IAA MIDI. This is supposed to offer more accurate timing than with CoreMIDI when working with other apps.

What's new in miRack v2.02:

This update adds IAA MIDI support. This provides much better timing accuracy than Core MIDI when connecting other apps like sequencers to miRack (via an IAA host app).

Adam Hardyman - Borderlands 1

I'm always interested in hearing musicians explore new genres and technologies. They tend to arrive in the new lands with their own ideas, taking their work in new directions. Adam Hardyman did not disappoint on his first journey into granular synthesis. This would best be described with the oxymoron "High Energy Ambient", which managed to avoid falling into Industrial Ambient.

Video Description:

My first foray into granular synthesis with the wonderful, recently updated BORDERLANDS GRANULAR. I never really got to grips with granular synthesis so gave them all a wide berth until now....I’m just starting to get it!! (Better late than never!). So a very simple intro for me, loading in some old samples via AudioShare and seeing what can be done....it’s great fun and it’s taking me in some new musical directions (it’s a very organic process which easily flows hence this being part one of many!)
After the hectic Jamuary I’m back to my old picky self with this one! Making sure everything is ‘just so’ spending too much time on all the intricacies...which can be a good thing, but sometimes not! Loosing the flow, or essence of a piece is very easy when you fuss over every reverb, hi hat, Delay, compression etc etc.
Same with the video - every glitch timed with every effect, hopefully adding to the audio/visual thing.....but again sometimes I can get carried away - what do you think? 🤔

Some of the usual suspects here...
Gestrument Pro triggering things.
Roli NOISE, loving it for drum sounds...
Replicant2 - love how it chops everything up
Rozeta LFO modulating everything...
KlevGrand LUXE - My favourite enhancer, makes things sound great.
GrooveBox - the best way to get ideas flowing...
WoodPressor - love how this sounds on the master.
SynthMaster One - my new favourite synth for arpeggios...
BLEASS Delay - great for everything...

All edited in Luma Fusion.

Oh, also playing with the new BLEASS alpha synth - I think I like it!

As always I really appreciate feedback, love to heat your thoughts!
If you lie please ‘like’ and subscribe for more...

Thank you

P.S. who new you could use an LFO to modulate fabfilter Q3? Wonderful...😊


Chameleon AUv3 Sampler Plugin Update

Chameleon AUv3 Sampler Plugin, from 4Pockets.com, was updated with a new drum guide as a preparation for the release of DigiKeys. Owners of both Chameleon and DigiKeys will be able to create custom patches that load directly into DigiKeys, with a suggested layout for drum kits in DigiKeys automatically mapped to the appropriate MIDI notes.

What's new in Chameleon AUv3 Sampler Plugin v1.16:

Added the option to choose a dB level when Normalizing samples.
Added an option to reverse a sample.
Playing a drum pad now signals which sample is playing.
Added a Drum Guide option to speed up recording drums by automatically mapping samples to MIDI notes.
Fixed many existing bugs.

Note: The drum guide feature is in preparation for the release of DigiKeys. Anyone owning Chameleon can create custom patches which can be loaded directly into DigiKeys. This feature shows a suggested layout for drumkits used in DigiKeys and automatically maps imported or recorded samples to MIDI notes.

Reader Stacy Puckett got his hands on the DigiKeys beta and used it on this jam!

Sound Design: Understanding Envelopes & LFOs

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler did an excellent tutorial on understanding modulation sources and how they can dramatically affect your sound. He uses Zeeon and Factory to demonstrate these concepts.

Video Description:

In this video. I go over basic modulation using Envelopes and LFOs. I attempt to explain what each of them do and how they can be utilized in creating different synth patching.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link


Stria Update

Stria, the experimental FM synth from apeSoft, was updated with full AUv3 support!

What's new in Stria v3:

Full AUv3 support
Pad 1 responds to MIDI
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