FAC Alteza: Exospheric Reverb Effect - Pre-Release Demo

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room gives us a preview of the upcoming FAC Alteza, a new AUv3 effect that just became available for pre-order yesterday! Fred Corvest also uploaded a short demo video.

Video Description:

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Preview: DigiKeys AUv3 MIDI Sequencer Plugin - Part 2

Developer Paul posted a second video showing off the upcoming 4Pockets MIDI sequencer plugin. If you missed the first video, it was posted last Friday.

Video Description:

This is a follow up video to my DigiKeys preview video. If you haven't seen that video please go watch that prior to this one as it covers all the basics about the app. Since the first video was pretty long I decided to cover some of the technicalities of using the sequencer plugin inside AUM in a seperate video. This video covers MIDI routing, giving examples of using DigiKeys to control other AUv3 plugins and being used as a multi-timbral sound source.

Maria Calfa-DePaul: Epic AUM iPad Synth Setup!

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul just checked out AUM and loved the setup she was able to put together. Her PSS-A50 keyboard is doing double-duty with piano sounds, and MIDI control over Sunrizer and Sensual Sax.

Video Description:

Finally I understand the power behind the AUM app!!
I was able to successfully set up a session in AUM and then use it live in an improv and song!
The entire live video was sent as separate tracks to the Cubasis DAW on same iPad.
I'm using my Yamaha PSS-A50 keyboard for its piano sound and also to play the following synths on my iPad: Sunrizer and Sansual Sax. I'm also using a bluetooth controller to map the faders on my various tracks inside of AUM. It's an Akai LPD8 which has another synth *continua also mapped to the drum pads. I'm also using the Shockwave app on my iPad which is being played by a midi track made in Rosetta Suite called Rosetta Baseline. As I'm playing and improvising and changing stuff it's all being recorded onto separate tracks in Cubasis on my iPad. There are a few effects I'm using in Aum including a delay called Kosmonaut which has a built in looper
As I do the improv I walk you along my journey via some video descriptions
I hope you like it!
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Thank you

touchscaper 1.3.4 Preview: Jam Grid Demo

Developer Rob Jackson shows off a Jam Grid coming to touchscaper in the next update. This sequencer feature lets you juggle and flip through different notes patterns for different parts.

Video Description:

Just having a quick mess around with a new performance / jam-oriented feature coming in touchscaper 1.3.4 soon. I think it's a lot of fun, so I hope you'll enjoy it!

The new grid layout allows you to mix and match patterns allowing more combinations than were previously possible.

All recorded direct from touchscaper using the iOS screen recorder. No additional apps or processing.

Pre-Order: FAC Alteza by Frederic Corvest

Frederic Corvest is about to release FAC Alteza, a special spacial effect for AUv3. This is a unique shimmer effect; with reverberator, delays, and pitch-shifters. FAC Alteza will be released on the 20th of this February, but you can pre-order it today for $5.

FAC Alteza

• True stereo reverberator
• Amazingly lush and beautiful
• Shimmer kind effect, harmonizer
• Two ultra low latency pitch shifters
• All-Pass delays fine tuning of the main and feedback sections
• Two mixable input sources for the feedback section
• Independent Dry/Wet Control
• Includes various presets for inspiration
• iOS Audio Unit V3 - Universal (iPad/iPhone)

Designed for ethereal lush sound textures and dreamy space reflection, FAC Alteza is the perfect solution to bring your instruments to heaven in no time. Thanks to a powerfull feedback section containing, inter alia, two pitch shifters, the unit is able to deliver the very typical "Shimmer" sound kind effect very much prized by musicians that are making ambient music, or any kind of music that needs to be carried by a fabulous angelic evolving choir section.

FAC Alteza is definitely not "another shimmer reverb..." effect because it comes with additional parameters that make it very versatile. A particular attention to each part of the signal path was necessary to reach this level of high-end quality.

Here some features that make FAC Alteza an outstanding unit:

• the input signal is not monoized by default, a knob allows to control the width of the input stereo image before reaching the reverb
• the topology of the effect, based upon a series of All-Pass delays, allows to control the intrasec characteristics of the reverberation
• the number of All-Pass delays per stage and the echo density are alterable in the main section and in the feedback section
• two ultra low latency pitch shifters deliver progressive pitch-shifting of the reverberation tail or the input signal
• the feedback section contains a source knob to contol the source of the signal, from the input to the reverb
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