2020 Music App Predictions Double-Feature

YouTubers Jakob Haq and MobileMusicPro share theirs hopes for the new year, with a look at previous trends.

Video Description:

It’s 2020, a brand new year and it’s time to let iOS Music App Developers know what we need! Do we need more Synthesizers, Drummachines, FX plugins or are there too many of them already? Is there still space for a new type of DAW? Are we missing any features and functions inside the apps we already have?

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Video Description:

In this video we discuss our top 5 trends and predictions for where we think mobile music production is headed in 2020.

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Weird Sax Techniques with Moon Hooch

YouTuber ANDREW HUANG did an extremely informative video with two of the guys from Moon Hooch. Even if you have no interest in wind instruments, it is fascinating to watch their unique playing techniques.

Video Description:

What was your favorite sound?
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Moon Hooch:

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TAQSIM World Synth Synthesizer Update

TAQS.IM are proud to announce that TAQS.IM Synth is now freemium. Hurray? I'm not sure if people who bought it for $6 get anything extra, but they're selling sound packs with an emphasis on World Music.

The app is now called TAQSIM World Synth Synthesizer. The redundancy of calling it a "Synth Synthesizer" actually offends me more than dicking with paying customers. The update also adds Ableton Link, a Drone Mode, and several new effects.

What's new in TAQSIM World Synth Synthesizer v2.0:

Our Biggest Update Yet!
- Sound Packs: We are now Freemium! Purchase additional sound and rhythm packs from across the world - Take a sonic trip from Asia to the Balkans, from the Middle East to South America all on your phone
- Ableton Link Support: Synch with your favorite Ableton Link supported software and hardware
- Drone Mode: Hold drones for days while you solo on top - either with the synth or your instrument
- Favorites: Press the star next to your favorite rhythms and sounds to add them on your Favorites short-list for live use
- New FX: We added an Octaver, Phaser, Auto-Wah and EQ for you to further shape your sound
- Saving Presets: You can now save your sounds and the tempos of the rhythms
- BPM Support: The rhythm machine now supports BPM
- UI Updates: The UI has been optimized for small and large screens alike
- Under the Hood: There's been a ton of bugs squashed and additional enhancements added!

iampeaking - Ambient iPad Jam

YouTuber iampeaking had a little too much speed in his acid last night. While spun out at 3 a.m. he came up with this excellent ambient jam! It starts off a bit slow, but he's got some great textures in here.

Video Description:

This is what happens when you can’t sleep at 3am

discophone_ - Laineet

Reader discophone_ did some beautiful ambient, in two styles, with a bunch of apps on his iPad!

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