The Sound Test Room: BLEASS Alpha - Pre-Release Demo Live

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream exploring the upcoming BLEASS Alpha!

Video Description:

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Roland MKS-80 with MIDI Designer on iPad

YouTuber quadratschulz brings us another free MIDI Designer layout for a vintage synth! If you've got a Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 lying around, it just got a whole lot easier to control!

Video Description:

Have an Roland MKS-80 and don't want to buy an overprized Roland MPG-80 controller? Or already have an MPG-80 and you are not satisfied with its laggy MIDI resolution. This layout for the Roland MKS-80 brings the following features:

- Much faster MIDI resolution than the MPG-80

- Simultaneous access to the upper and lower tone and patch without the need to switch between these areas via the buttons on the MKS-80

- Parameter feedback from MKS-80 to MD. If you change a patch or tone on the MKS, this layout will automatically update to all the current parameters (so you see what you got). You can also change patches remotely from this layout. If you enable the "Auto Sync" option (on the Patch page), the MKS-80 will automatically sync all the current parameter values back to the layout

- XY-Macro-Controls - controls both the upper and lower tone simultaneously

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SYNTH ANATOMY: Mononoke Drone Sound Demo

Tom from SYNTH ANATOMY did demo exploring some deep droning in Mononoke. It starts off gentle, but gets quite intense towards the end!

Video Description:

Mononoke is not just an Anime series but also the latest expressive drone Synthesizer for iOS from Ruismaker, the maker of Rozeta Sequencer Suite and more. During my return flight from the NAMM 2020, I had time to play with Mononoke.

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Ultimate Touch Control for Mutator Mutronics

ID-ENTITY have created a Lemur layout for Softube's desktop filter VST Mutator Mutronics. You can purchase this layout from the ID-ENTITY site for €9.

Video Description:

Advanced Project design to Lemur software application for IOS to midi control : MUTATOR MUTRONICS

Midi Implementation of Mutator is spécifique and complex, for give access of useful creativity,

UTC-LEM-MUTATOR give the best of control in simply and amazing way.

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Faderfox EC4 Review - Compact MIDI Control with Digital Labels

YouTuber loopop reviews the new Faderfox EC4, a compact and powerfully customizable MIDI controller.

According to the official website the EC4 is compatible with iOS. Getting it is going to be kind of a pain in the ass if you're not in Europe though. The only US distributor seems to be where they are fucking gouging customers for $400. In Europe you can get it as cheap as €250 at, which ships to the US for €30, making it about USD$300 to get one in the States. $100 less than those DJDeals assholes!

Video Description:

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0:00 Intro
1:55 Alternatives
2:35 Overview
4:10 Ableton Live
6:05 Hardware control
8:20 Display modes
9:00 Programming
9:35 Edit mode
12:25 Name mode
13:00 MIDI learn
13:20 Setup mode
15:00 Browser editor
16:20 Monitor
16:35 Pros & cons

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