How to Fake the BASSalicious 2 Preset on iOS

YouTuber Andy Honeybone was inspired by the rich sounds of BASSalicious 2's FoundChords preset and tried to recreate it with other iOS apps. He's also sharing the Mozaic script he uses here, called 1-Key Neo-Soul. Andy also posted a video demonstrating a Mozaic script for controlling a hardware Cheetah MS6 synth.

Video Description:

Gospel Musicians' BASSalicious is a monophonic synthesiser but in their YT product demo, there's a preset that gives that neo-soul harmony from 1 finger on the keys. This rich sound inspired me to deconstruct the preset and see how close I could recreate it with other iPad mobile music apps.

As the video shows, I ended up writing a script for the Mozaic Plugin Workshop from Bram Bos that allows an Audio Unit MIDI processor to be created without needing to know about the internals of iOS.

The video features the Kymatica AUM host with BASSalicious sequenced with Victor Porof's Atom Piano Roll, and some beats from 4Pockets' DigiStix again driven by another instance of Atom all playing my take on the line played by Jamal in the product demo.

Then I crossfade (using a second Mozaic script) to replace the sound from BASSalicious with that from the AudioKit D1 driven by the 1-key Neo-Soul Mozaic script and a Moog Model D. See what you think. I'm using the Sonorous D1 preset but any breathy pad sound should work.

I'm also using FAC Bandit 'Il Vecchio Warmer Mix' on DigiStix and Amazing Noises' Limiter on the output. Bryce Hostetler's Tonality Grand Staff is featured to show the tight clustering of the additional notes the 1-Key Neo-Soul script adds to the incoming bass note.

The 1-Key Neo-Soul Mozaic script is available for free download on

discchord v3.5: Seek and Ye Shall Find!

This is an update that I've been putting off for ages because I knew it would suck to code it. I was right.

Fortunately the results are super useful. This finally addresses the awful search that has been on the site since day 1. It is fantastic now! This includes both article search and app search! Now if you search for Audiobus the first result is Audiobus, and not any of the 838 other apps in the site's database that mentions Audiobus.

What's new in discchord v3.5:

+ New Search! Better, slower, way way more accurate and helpful!
- Fixed Android! Updated scraping to latest Google changes, and made some tweaks to database.
- Fixed # at the end of App Store links, so that the # doesn't end up in the database.
- Fixed YouTube links to other @channels
- Fixed Exploit in Search that exposed Patron Only Posts (Thanks Cosmo for letting me know!)
- Fixed anti-cheat in contests to avoid false positives. Sorry!

Brought to You By Medicinal Amphetamines

This long awaited update would not be possible without the aid of amphetamines! Under medical supervision I've been experimenting with Vyvanse to treat my, now extremely problematic, ADHD. Things started off rough. I've now found a dosage that works for me! I'm finally able to tackle problems that before seemed too boring, or dangerous. Addressing search here was a bit of both.

Search is Hard

I've known the search here sucked. I was relatively new to Python in early 2016 when I wrote it. Surfacing relevant search results is tricky and I just didn't know how to do it back then. I've known how to do it right for a while now, but search is kind of woven into the code all over the place and I knew it'd be a long and boring process to retrofit a better search. The code base for discchord is huge now, and it is a little dangerous for me to go poking around at fundamental portions of it. I was able to face both of these problems with patience!

I'm quite proud of the new search and hope it will be much more useful to you.

Android is Shit

Regular readers here will know that I hate Apple. In fact I strongly resisted buying an iPad because I was waiting for Android tablets to get their shit together. When Korg released iMS-20 I caved and bought an iPad 2. I'm glad I did or I'd still be waiting for Android to get its shit together. Despite my hopes, Android has not become a relevant platform for music makers. So I find it particularly galling when Google keeps fucking with the web scraping I use to include Android apps in the site's database.

I was pretty close to throwing in the towel after the last attempt to block me. I've updated the scraping again to bring Android support back in-line with iOS in the Music App Guide. This may be the last time I do so unless I hear from a lot of Android fans that actually care.

discchord is becoming self-aware!

I split the roll-out of this update into two stages, so that if something went wrong I would know where to begin bug hunting. I was keeping Twitter apprised of the situation and soliciting feedback on any bugs. After the Stage 2 post this morning, Audio Damage developer Chris Randall made a very prescient tweet.

There were also a lot of changes in the backend. They're not mentioned in these update notes because that would just be a wall of [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED]. One of these is a very early stage Machine Learning project I'm experimenting with on the site. I go through hundreds of YouTube videos every day, and I'm trying to train an AI model to help me do that. It isn't actually doing anything right now, but yes, Stage 3 is world domination.

User Suggestions

The last time I asked for user suggestions there was one idea that almost made it into v3.5.

Set Pagination in reverse so that people viewing page "995" always go back to the same page when they refresh. (Markus Gräser)

I like this idea a lot, but I want to get your feedback. I can see how this would be useful, but I'm worried that this is going to break something that I'm not thinking about. I use the site differently than you, so I'd like to hear what your thoughts are! If you have any other suggestions this is probably a place to post them.

And as always, please report bugs! Do not assume that I know about it. As far as I know the site is amazing and nothing is wrong. I can't fix problems unless you let me know about them.

Matt Greer - Melodic Techno in Korg Electribe Wave

YouTuber Matt Greer just produced my new favorite Electribe Wave jam. This is a simple techno arrangement, but he performs it masterfully.

Video Description:

Decided to try and get more out of my iPad so I grabbed this Korg Electribe Wave app and worked some simple muting and unmuting on a 4 bar techno pattern. A lot of fun and I can see this is a pretty powerful little tool.

Chord Detector by Aleksandar Mlazev

Aleksandar Mlazev, developer of a bunch of fun effects apps, released Chord Detector. This app attempts to display chords played by a single instrument, as heard by your iOS device's microphone. There's an experimental audio to MIDI converter in here as well.

Chord Detector App Store Description:

Chord Detector is closer to science than just an app. It is an experimental music recognition method that I have made according to my understanding about the mechanics of sound perception. The app is real time chord tracker that uses the microphone of the device.
The found chords are displayed with big letters on the screen but you can also see individual music tones with small letters at the bottom.

MIDI recording is an experimental feature. I do not know of any 100% successful audio to MIDI converter yet but this one I have made works relatively good for solo instruments. However full songs with drums and noises are not so good :)
Audio to MIDI conversion is also real time so some tones may be missed because the CPU may not catch up (depends on the device)

At the moment chord detection is limited to major, minor, 5th and 7th chords.

haQ attaQ: Top 5 Synthesizer Apps 2019

Jakob Haq did a Top 5 list for 2019, that is actually limited to apps that came out in 2019!

Video Description:

Here are my Top 5 favourite Synthesizer Apps from 2019! And one of my top picks will probably surprise recurrent haQ attaQ viewers. Maybe I missed a few, but to me it seems like there were way less new synth apps released compared in 2019 to previous years. But hey, Im not complaining because I had an easier time doing my selection for this list. Check it out!


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