Chord Detector by Aleksandar Mlazev

Aleksandar Mlazev, developer of a bunch of fun effects apps, released Chord Detector. This app attempts to display chords played by a single instrument, as heard by your iOS device's microphone. There's an experimental audio to MIDI converter in here as well.

Chord Detector App Store Description:

Chord Detector is closer to science than just an app. It is an experimental music recognition method that I have made according to my understanding about the mechanics of sound perception. The app is real time chord tracker that uses the microphone of the device.
The found chords are displayed with big letters on the screen but you can also see individual music tones with small letters at the bottom.

MIDI recording is an experimental feature. I do not know of any 100% successful audio to MIDI converter yet but this one I have made works relatively good for solo instruments. However full songs with drums and noises are not so good :)
Audio to MIDI conversion is also real time so some tones may be missed because the CPU may not catch up (depends on the device)

At the moment chord detection is limited to major, minor, 5th and 7th chords.

haQ attaQ: Top 5 Synthesizer Apps 2019

Jakob Haq did a Top 5 list for 2019, that is actually limited to apps that came out in 2019!

Video Description:

Here are my Top 5 favourite Synthesizer Apps from 2019! And one of my top picks will probably surprise recurrent haQ attaQ viewers. Maybe I missed a few, but to me it seems like there were way less new synth apps released compared in 2019 to previous years. But hey, Im not complaining because I had an easier time doing my selection for this list. Check it out!


Maria Calfa-DePaul - RiaDx7 Dreamstate

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul just got a MicroFreak and is already producing some dreamy sounds!

Video Description:

I could literally get lost with this one patch that I accidentally created.
This is an improv that I feel like you could close your eyes and just dream and relax! I hope you feel the same!
I discovered a few things when I did a quick hand held video and I was able to recreate it. So I thought I would share it with you . The patch is in the files section of all three Microfreak groups on facebook.
I am using the zoom pedal for fx and it's just a really cool synth that I totally love and is right up my alley cause even though it can do crazy stuff I love this kind of mellow ambient stuff as well.
Thanks so much for watching and I hope you can subscribe and like and leave a comment~!~ I'd love to hear from you!
Thanks Maria

Electronisounds: miRack Complex & Interesting Drum Patterns

Dean from Electronisounds did a tutorial on how to create some wild drum patterns in miRack!

Video Description:

▼CONNECT with me / SUPPORT creativity and good content▼

"miRack - More Complex and Interesting Drum Patterns!"

I'm very excited about the miRack modular synthesizer app on iPad!
In this video, I show a technique to get more interesting and unique drum patterns using the power of random and the Bernouli Gate module!
More **Beginner Friendly** miRack tutorials to come!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!


Fader Command Update

Fader Command was updated with programmable pads and MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)!

What's new in Fader Command v1.20:

* Programmable pads
* MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
* Pads generate modulation, pitch and volume MIDI data
* 128 MIDI note pads with latch
* 128 patch browser
* 2 DIY grids with 64 pads each
*16 macro pads to trigger up to 8 parameters, notes and patches
* Scales
* 3 step play recorders
* Expanded help section
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