Another Alien - Vertical Buffer

Reader Another Alien did a fantastic Electro Rock track with a beautiful video to match! All made on iPad!

Video Description:

"Vertical Buffer" from the EP "OWN"

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© 2020 Another Alien

Poly 2 Tips and Jam: Beat Skip and MIDI IN

YouTuber Edward Spiegel doesn't produce a lot of videos, but when he does they are all excellent. I've been impressed in the past. This latest one has some very detailed tips for getting the most out of Poly 2's features.

Video Description:

Poly 2 is a great generative music app for iOS. I take a look at two overlooked features Beat Skip and MIDI IN (for note selection)

ajp - Enso looping

Reader ajp did a short, but oh so sweet, jam with apps looped in Enso with a QuNexus!

Video Description:

It's been far too long since I've posted anything....

This little melody came about as a diversion while I was working on another piece. I wanted to have a semi-chaotic looper/reverser/delay, so I set up Fugue Machine to send notes with multiple playheads to trigger the overdub and reverse in Enso.

The QuNexus is triggering iGrand and Lorentz. Fugue Machine, via mfxConvert is controlling Enso.
Dedalus, Reverb FDN and Discord 4 are doing the processing.

I've started an Instagram account ( where I can post little snippets, ideas, experiments, etc. such as the above. This is a crossover, but I'm planning on keeping them separate. Instagram for more frequent, but shorter and incomplete explorations. YouTube for more finished pieces.

I'm half-heartedly doing the Jamuary thing on Instagram; half-heartedly because I've got several full-length tracks that I'm spending more time on that are almost ready to go. There will be a lot more activity on this channel in the coming weeks....

Wotja 20: New features in the ISE

YouTuber Uncertain Music Corps has been using Intermorphic apps since 2013. He has a lot to share on the new features added to the 2020 edition of Wotja, and the Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE).

Video Description:

A look at some of the more recent additions and improvements to the Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE) in Wotja 20.

This video looks in some detail at the Macro oscillator and how to use it along with some of the less obvious improvements and additions to modulation sources in the ISE.

For a detailed breakdown of each of the macros available in the new oscillator, you can do no better than get a copy of the Braids Illustrated Manual

The video also refers to a document detailing some of the useful settings for the colour parameter which you can find here

Post any questions you might have about this video in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them. Also, if there are any other walkthroughs of aspects of the ISE you think might be useful, please let me know below.

Matt Keil - Korg Gadget Jamuary Jam

Reader Matt Keil's latest Jamuary Jam makes great use of Gadget!

Video Description:

A very quick jam for number 22, using Korg Gadget on the iPad.

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