Arbhar: Radio Re-Synthesis with Parat+ Gestural Modulations

Marc S. Langelier got some wild results with a radio module in his modular, modulated by Parat+!

Video Description:

A little sonic background: I've been going through my sound library and editing sounds destined to be granulized by the Arbhar. The go between is the Music Thing Modular Radio Music Module. I guess it's very fitting that I found these sound files that I had recorded some years ago whilst scanning the airwaves with an analog tuner.

For my first 2 Arbhar videos I simply investigated the module's UI. And a beautful UI it is! Now I'm modulating the Arbhar with my favorite modulation source, Parat+ (via Instruo Aither modules over WiFi). Sure, I can go on and on, but for the sake of brevity I'll simply say that I'm really, really happy with both the Arbhar and Parat+!!!

The audio chain is Arbhar stereo outs to Roland 531, then fed into Aum on an iPad Air2 via a Focusrite 6i6. Processing in Aum by Reamp and Blackhole Reverb.

Thanks for watching and listening!!!

Smallest MIDI Expression Controller for Spitfire Audio Libraries

Todd Pentney created an impressive (and free) touchOSC layout for controlling Spitfire Audio Libraries' BBC Symphony Orchestra. This $1,000 library seems amazing, but it is even more amazing when its vastness is controlled from an iPhone!

Video Description:

Learn how to setup touchOSC on your phone to control SPITFIRE AUDIO BBC Symphony Orchestra.
Setup allows for Expression Dynamics AND Vibrato at the same time.
Works on Android or iPhone.

Also some tips on getting this setup to play nice with Logic Pro X.

Added Bonus: How to use this setup with smart controls for Touch Bar in to quickly fine tune your automation.

00:26 My Portable Rig
1:04 Demo of the Controller
1:44 General Overview
5:52 What you need
6:46 Designing the layout
10:13 Transfer the Layout to your iPhone
11:07 Manually Transfer the Layout to your iPhone
12:25 Logic Pro X: Good Housekeeping for Automation
15:32 Logic Pro X: Why Use Smart Controls?
17:12 Learn Smart Controls (my fader setup)
18:02 Logic Pro X: Save the Channel Strip Setting
20:11 Logic Pro X: Set Channel to Latch!
21:33 Logic Pro X: BONUS Using Touch Bar for Fine Tuning Automation.
23:26 Closing Remarks

Download my touchOSC layout:

touchOSC Bridge and touchOSC Editor:

Touch OSC

NAMM2020: Audient EVO 4 Audio Interface

I'm NAMMed out. I've watch too many NAMM videos! But I did learn a lot about weird instruments, and perhaps a little bit about myself.

Let's close off this year's coverage with another find by Shazamm the iPad Producer! Audient EVO 4 is a 2-in/2-out audio interface that is iOS compatible, with an automatic gain leveler. The EVO 4 will ship sometime in early 2020 for $130, and they're also planning an EVO 8 4-in/4-out to follow it.

Video Description:

Audient EVO4 iPad Audio Interface IOS gear at NAMM
One of EVO’s most unique features is Smartgain which automatically sets the gain levels when the user starts playing or singing,

StudioLiveToday: How to Master in GarageBand iOS with Merge

Pete Johns has a tip for those of you that use GarageBand and want to apply effects to a master bus. I guess GarageBand doesn't let you just do that? Fortunately there is a simple work-around, as Pete demonstrates.

Video Description:

How to use the merge function in GarageBand iPhone and GarageBand iPad to master your songs.

In this video, I show you how to take your final mix in GarageBand iOS and merge down to a stereo track so you can master and release your tracks.

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NAMM2020: Artesia Pro Xpad - iPad USB Midi Controller

Shazamm the iPad Producer did an excellent job of finding the iPad goodies at NAMM! The Artesia Pro Xpad is a slick looking MIDI controller, with an odd pedigree. It looks very much like the Xkey controllers, and that's not a coincidence. Artesia Pro claim to be the makers of the Xkeys. The Xkeys came to us from CME, but the Xpad doesn't appear anywhere on CME's site. While the name Artesia Pro is a new one on me, they've been selling Xkeys under that name. Other than the Xkey though, the two companies don't appear to have any other products overlapping. That's confusing. Artesia aren't just a distributor, but they also aren't the Xkey originator.

Whoever they are, they hope to be shipping these new controllers in March for $120!

Video Description:

Introduced at NAMM2020 ArtesiaPro's XPad iPad USB Midi Controller from the makers of XKey Air

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