KKTP - Digitized Assessments

Khantipol Kasemsant is back with a new jam. He has a wide assortment of goodies, but the star of the show is his Arturia Minibrute.

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Jim's Tips & Tricks - Arpeggionome/Magellan Jam

Jim McLaren has been busy on tour lately, but Arpeggionome Pro brought him back to making videos in this jam/tutorial.

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Sinusoid Update

Sinusoid was updated with lots of new features to make crunchy chip tunes!

What's new in 3.3:

  • New improved audio engine boost.
  • Adding new wave shapes (sinusoid, square, triangle, pulse {12.5%,25%,50%,75%}).
  • Adding nes like pseudo random noise, as drum option.
  • Adding sample divider to bitchrusher.
  • Allowing up to 16 bit wave shapes.

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NodeBeat is free!

Every few months NodeBeat developer Afinity Blue decides they've made enough money and make their apps free! NodeBeat is both a music generator as well as a MIDI sequencer, so it is seriously worth grabbing!

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Rheyne is a big fan of NodeBeat, and made use of it in this recent jam.

Sample Challenge - Live set

YouTuber frankyphix set himself an interesting challenge: Make music with random household items! He does a fairly good job of this in Ableton Live, with the assistance of iDensity for some Granular-Guitar. I find these sorts of challenges are really inspiring.

Video Description:

Set myself a little challenge today:

• To use only the recorded samples - no VST's or anything else; only Live's tools were used to edit & sculpt the sounds.
• Try and get it all done in 4 hours (sounds & building the live set).

The kick is the only place I cheated & layered what I created with a low-end thump just to bring it out a bit. The lead bass is the litchi dropping sample that went into Sampler & gets triggered by a midi arp set to 1/8th notes which just picks up and holds whatever note I play. The guitar-like sound is the lead bass-line that went into a granular app on the ipad, pitched up, & I scrubbed the waveform to play it like an instrument...that goes back into Live with a Send track that generates the guitar-like sounds. Everything else is pretty straightforward cutting / re-pitching.

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