Review: GrainBender for iPad

BurgerKone's new synth app brings a lot of innovation to automation, providing some of the most interesting sound design on iPad. The inclusion of a robust MIDI implementation, as well as AudioCopy, makes this a serious tool for anyone who enjoys exploring sound.

Buy GrainBender on iTunes: $3.99

Everyone Can Play Music #4: Sequencing Drums

In this lesson we get into how to work with the drum sequencers, as well as playing around with different patterns in technoBox2.

Review: Rhythm Studio for iOS (Universal)

Rhythm Studio is an analog synthesizer studio for iOS, by Pulse Code, Inc.

Everyone Can Play Music #3: technoBox2 - Part 2

In this lesson we start to explore what we can do with different notes and play with a famous acid pattern! 

(More) Famous Acid Patterns:

Review: Epic Synth for iPad

Epic Synth has a warm and fuzzy analog sound, giving me warm and fuzzy feelings.

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