MIDI Control gets Audiobus Support

Secret Base Design has updated MIDI Control to work as an Audiobus recording output. Now you can control other apps from within MIDI Control and record the results! Here is a demo of that in action.

Buy MIDI Control on iTunes: $2.99

Meytal & Tammy Feat. Jordan Rudess - Moves Like Jagger

Israeli Music in English members Meytal Cohen, and Tammy Scheffer, got Jordan Rudess to jam with them in this "Moves Like Jagger" cover. There is a whole lot of Geo Synth going on in this video. I like this cover a lot more than the original!

Buy Geo Synthesizer on iTunes: $9.99

MoDrum & BassLine Updated for Audiobus

Reader Piotr emailed in to let me know that both Finger Pro apps got Audiobus support! Exciting news for fans of Acid, but pretty much everyone will benefit from having a dedicated drum or bass synth in their mix.

Buy BassLine on iTunes: $3.99

Buy MoDrum on iTunes: $5.99

Nakano Syun wasted no time in setting up a little demo video of the two. First he records a drum loop in Loopy, and then jams over it in BassLine.

Echo Pad Updated for Aubiobus Effect Slot!

Holderness Media has now updated Echo Pad to be used as an Audiobus Effect! This is something I know a lot of people have been waiting for, myself included! Here is a demo of it with Animoog, a great example since that is such a harmonically rich synth.

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $2.99

Sample Lab Sale!

Sample Lab is on sale for just $1! This is the lowest price ever for this sampler/sequencer, just before it is set to go Universal.

Buy Sample Lab on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $6.99)

Here is a prototype video of the Universal version rocking out on an iPhone.

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