Spectral Eye - Audio Spectrum Analyzer Released

Secret Base Design, makers of Voxkit and Audio MIDI Connect, have a new app out for analyzing incoming audio.

This thing is doing some fancy stuff, and it is free! A similar app, FFT, costs $25.

Spectral Eye analyzes incoming audio signals to extract the underlying frequencies. Most sounds are built up from a variety of sine waves; a simple whistle might be a single wave, while a guitar, piano, or the human voice have many waves added together.

By using a Fast Fourier Transform, sound can be decomposed into each frequency. Normally, this information is displayed on a chart, and there are number of excellent apps that do exactly this. Spectral Eye rearranges the FFT into a spiral, so that frequencies that are an octave apart are lined up as rays from the center of the display. The strength of each frequency is represented by the size of a red circle.

If you're interested in understanding the nature of sound, use Spectral Eye to get a better view. The app was created as a utility used in the development in other Secret Base Design apps; we're making it freely available, because we found it to be useful, and thought others might like it too.

The app will remain free, and will not have ads. If you find it useful, we would very much appreciate a review in the app store, and you can get in touch with us through our support site, our Facebook page, or Twitter.

Buy Spectral Eye on iTunes: Free

Legal Threats & Bribery Have Unintended Consequences

Today former iOS developer, Michael of iControlMIDIDesign, discovered that making legal threats and attempting to bribe a blogger have unintended consequences. Following a post yesterday, which included an email excerpt, iControlMIDIDesign continued to email blogger Tim Webb with apoplectic rage.

Michael made assertions that his conversation with me was private, despite all of the emails including the words "Press Inquiry" in the subject line. The very first line of the very first email also identified myself as a blogger at discchord.com.

Having had a good cry and a lie down, Michael thought better of his tactics. Though not much better it would seem.

This afternoon I received a new email from Michael requesting information on advertising here on the site. He was hoping to get me to yank the earlier article, and included a veiled legal threat.

Despite any delusions he may have harbored about an expectation to privacy in the original email, there is no way in hell he has any kind of expectation for privacy now after the previous post... so I'm pretty sure I can post this in its entirety!

Hi Tim,
We would be interested in the Menu Badge.
There is a post on your website that is impairing our business due to the release of un-authorized content. I have been contacting my lawyer and he is recommending to friendly settle if you accept to remove it. In return we would be happy to purchase that Menu Badge for the next 5-6 months as proof of good partnership.
Let us know.
Best regards,

For future reference to anyone that wants to buy out content on this site, it is going to cost a bit more than $300. I'll sell you the site for $300,000 and you can pull any article you like. Any other offer to sell out, or threats to my first amendment rights, will be posted here.

By the way, any Lawyers out there? This is the second time someone has made legal threats in the last 3 months. I've been busy!

Tic Tac Beatz Electro added to the Buyer's Guide

Drumatron's release reminded me of another app by developer Beats 'n' Bobs. Tic Tac Beatz Electro was released back in May, but a recent update caught my eye so I've been reviewing it for the Buyer's Guide. It did not review well, but it might be informative for people considering purchasing Drumatron. To be fair, Tic Tac Beatz was their first iOS app so I'm sure they've learned from the experience.

If you've played with Tic Tac Beatz Electro, please add your thoughts here!

iPad Music App Buyer’s Guide Rating: Pass

Recommendation: A flawed app that tried very hard to provide a lot, but only offered a mess.


Drumatron is new Universal finger drumming app. Looking futuristic and ergonomic, it is also packed full of samples.

Almost 100 sounds to choose from ranging from rock and dance drums, bongos and maracas, special effects and more. You can edit each pad's sound, level, pitch and decay. Store up to 4 custom drum kits. Velocity control on each pad depending on where you hit the pad.

Ergonomically designed for either one-handed use or using both thumbs with ease. With visual feedback and lighting effects that add more enjoyment especially in the dark. Pad 3 is linked to pad 4 so you can mute an open high hat on pad 4 with a closed hat on pad 3 if you wish.

Buy Drumatron on iTunes: $1.99

There are no details on recording or exporting, but there looks like a record button in the bottom right of the screen.

Here's a demo from the developer showing off how to play it, and then how to tweak it.

Thanks to Chip Boaz, iOS Music & You, for bringing this app to my attention.

Voice Synth Updated with Retina Support and 100 Presets

Voice Synth (Link to Review), the voice controlled synthesizer, got a nice update today! In addition to Retinal support, it now has 100 Factory presets. This is a big jump up from the 8 it had previously! You can also now save an unlimited number of user presets, instead of saving over the 8 factory slots. All of which can now be shared with import and export options.

• Retina graphics for iPad 3
• Preset Library with over 100 factory presets, unlimited user presets
• Import / export presets
• Extended equalizer panel with 8 quick presets and stereo VU meters
• Info center with improved news notification badge
• Fixes issue with M4A encoding on iPhone 4S and iPad 2/3
• Fixes issue with sound output becoming silent
• Fixes issue with hanging MIDI notes
• Improved noise resilience for use with noisy headsets

Buy Voice Synth on iTunes: $9.99

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