Twerkin' with Werkbench

Colin Swinney has posted an excellent demonstration of the new Audiobus functionality in Werkbench. Using a MIDI keyboard to play notes in Magellan, he records the results into Werkbench, and then mangles it all up in a rhythmic glitchy-groove!

Buy WerkBench on iTunes: $6.99

Tutorial: Korg iMS-20 - Making A Song Mee Zanook Style

Mee Zanook returns to Korg's iMS-20 app in his latest tutorial video showing off the song building functions of the app. This won't be anything new if you have watched my tutorial series, but he crams a lot of info into just 4 minutes and has fun sound effects!

Buy Korg iMS-20 on iTunes: $14.99 (On Sale, from $29.99)

App Regret: Auria

Pantsofdeath continues his App Regret series of articles, with a look this time at Auria.

It is a solid write-up, with illustrations of his regret and rage.

While Auria allows you to record in directly with Audiobus (resource permitting) and you can record multiple tracks simultaneously from external sources, it fails where workflow is concerned. I have not heard anyone say anything positive about workflow in Auria, the best I have heard from anyone is that ‘it is a pain but you get used to it’, most people seem to feel that it is awkward and laborious. Personally I think it is dreadful, everything in Auria works like a desktop application, the endless highlight>click menu>select process makes it miserable to work with on an ipad. Seriously, if you work in loops and you need to highlight>edit menu>duplicate just to copy/paste that loop ONCE there is a lot of tapping. At least on a desktop you would have a right click option, but on iOS its all menu/select. Bad bad bad.

Pants' issues with Auria are reasonable, but if you scroll down to the comments section iClifDotMe gives a nice counter-point.

I actually dropped another $70 on plug-ins and IR packs when I first opened Auria because I had read through SmiteMatter’s reviews and pretty much expected the built in options to be limited. And since I was mostly buying Auria for the reverb, I figured I might as well get the best reverb options it had to offer. So far I have not been disappointed with the IR packs for the convolution reverb or the plug-ins I bought, PSP Echo and PianoVerb2. Despite having spent entirely too much money on a single app, I can’t say I regret it yet because I do really like the reverb… and I have several fade curves to choose from.

I agree with both of their points! With such a vastly huge app, it is nice to get as many perspectives as possible on it before sinking in on the investment. Auria shines where Cubasis leaves me wanting, and vice versa. I also feel BeatMaker 2 can easily replace both for most users. Read the full article and iClifDotMe's comment over on Pantsofdeath's Blog.

DM1 Updates for Both Versions

DM1 for iPad's MIDI update introduced a couple of big problems, but Fingerlab has addressed them both in this update! The iPhone version also received a minor update, but this does not include the full MIDI implementation now available on iPad.

What's new in DM1 4.0.1:

  • Fx separated tracks bug fixed
  • Midi issue with step 1 missing fixed
  • DropBox import minor issue fixed

Buy DM1 on iTunes: $6.99

What's new in DM1 for iPhone 1.1.9:

  • AudioBus SDK update

Buy DM1 for iPhone on iTunes: $2.99

JamStik and Rogue PR

Earlier this week I received an unsolicited, and frankly sleazy, press release from a third-party PR firm representing JamStik. I have tried to discourage people from sending me press releases, but I still get a few. This one in particular came with a lot of hetero-normative nonsense and undertones of, "Hey big boy, you should come hang out with me at some event." It put me in the awkward position of either playing along, like I'm an idiot, or being an asshole. I went with the second option. I won't include the entire email, or the subsequent follow-ups, because that is some shaky legal ground, but basically I said "Fuck you, you're bad at your job." and CC'd the whole thing to JamStik to let them know about the sort of representation they were getting.

A guy from JamStik immediatly got back to me, and we smoothed things over. I have no problem with them, and they understood this. Later on I get an email from someone else at the PR firm, who has decided to go rogue and personally threaten me.

"Calling out a public relations professional with a “fuck you” laden email is unprofessional and uncalled for regardless of the issues you may be personally dealing with. I am requesting that you send an apology email to Leslie, with me on copy no later than 4pm today.

If you choose not to send an apology email I will escalate this issue, and while you don’t know me, I can assure you that the easy way out of this unprofessional situation is to simply drop Leslie a note and apologize for your email misstep. I’m a very forgiving person and this misstep can be easily overlooked, *however* I am known for having a short fuse and using very unconventional methods to deal with unprofessional issues."

- Doug Kennedy, Engage PR

I make no pretense about professionalism, but to call me unprofessional and make threats in the same email?

Regardless, I still think JamStik looks like a lot of fun, and it should be available this Summer for $300. Here is a new promo video!

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