Two New Generative Music Apps Now Available!

Julien Bayle, aka protofuse, has had a busy week. Not content to release just one extremely unique app, he has released two in the last two days.

The first is Mobile Particles, a generative music (iOS Universal) app for creating some ethereal ambient melodies. It seems to be a combination of a particle generator and a granular-something. I'm honestly not sure, the details are limited:

"This is an algorithm which generates in real time particules with strange behaviours. You'll have some sliders to interact with the algorithm.
I hope you'll like it."

The result of which is some spooky-sounding-pretty-shit with neat visuals of "flocking particles" that represent what is going on in the audio engine. Both the spooky-shit and visuals are well demonstrated in this video:

Buy Mobile Particles on iTunes: $2.99

Next up is Digital Collisions (iPhone or HD, separate apps), which is: "a unique sound generator based on physics collisions algorithms"

A lot more details are available for this, but sadly no audio or video:
Touch the screen to create particles.
Each particle lives its own life, making sounds while bumping walls or meeting the other particles. Zen defines the quietness of particles. Autogeneration is a special mode where particles are generated automatically, sometimes. Birth defines the amount of automatically generated particles in Autogeneration mode.

Additionally there are effects like Delay, which has a unique Symetery function, and a Filter. This sounds like it could be fun, so I'll be sure to post as soon as any videos appear!
Thanks to Synthtopia for bringing these to my attention!

Buy Digital Collisions HD on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Digital Collisions on iTunes: $4.99

Kinetic Update Teaser Video - MIDI Out!

I wasn't aware of this app before (probably because it is iPhone only) but after watching this video it looks like it could be some good fun. Everything is better with MIDI!

Buy Kinetic on iTunes: $0.99

TC-11 Updated with Retina & Improved iPad 1 Performance

Bit Shape has been keeping busy! This is the 2nd update this month for the unique TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer. This one has added Retina support and improvements to the iPad 1's lower latency performance. The previous update brought some nice tweaks to improve control over your patches:

Version 1.3 adds a new area to the Patch view: Options. These settings are patch-specific, and are saved as part of your patch. You can ‘Suppress First Touch,’ which allows the first touch to be muted while still generating controller data. This allows ‘stretchy’ patches to ignore the unused touch so they can focus on the sound of the other voices.


Also new is the ability to create ‘Custom Grids’ for the patch. All three axis (X, Y, and radial) can be set to a specific number of divisions, and checkered for easy viewing. Users who create scales or divisions of the screen with the Sequencer will can now create a matching grid view for their patches.

This is one of the few apps that has garnered an Essential rating in the Buyer's Guide. This is a very unique take on playing with a synthesizer; totally utilizing the iPad's screen to allow for radical customization. If you want to explore typical synthesis in some atypical ways watch my video review.

Buy TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer on iTunes: $29.99

meta DJ Updated with Recording

One of the more impressive looking iOS DJ apps, meta DJ, has now been updated to include support for recording performances. I've never actually played with this and have heard some mixed reviews from users. It seems to be very polarizing with some people loving it and others hating, but I don't want to repeat hearsay so I won't go into the details either way. Instead here is the official word on the patch:

  • Recording
  • Riser synth for creating risers using noise and tones with filtering and modulation.
  • Posting mixes via email and SoundCloud
Here is a video teaser of the new features in action!

Buy meta DJ - DJ. Mix. Beats. on iTunes: $19.99

Physynth Updated with Retina and New Drum Kit!

The highly experimental Physynth app has received it's second major update, including Retina Display support and a free drum kit addition. I was playing with the new "Circuit" kit this morning, and it has a good gritty-circuit-sound, while not being too messy or distorted. It is so nice to see them continue to support this app with free updates; considering they are only charging $3 for the app.

I don't have an iPad 3 so I can't comment on how good the Retina resolution looks, but this is one of the prettiest musical apps out there. It is actually built on a game engine, and has all kinds of cool little pseudo-3D stuff going on, so I imagine it ought to look spectacular.

I've embedded my review here, though I think I should mention some people have disagreed with me strongly on it. It is experimental, so it isn't for everyone, but I like the order than can be brought to the chaos of physics.

Buy Physynth on iTunes: $0.99 (On sale, usually $2.99)

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