K-One Vintage Synth by Colin Hallett

Colin Hallett, developer of Melody Live, released K-One Vintage Synth. This is essentially a Roland Juno-60 in AUv3, but with a Moog ladder filter for a unique combination of vintage elements! There's also 5 built-in effects, and a "fat mono mode" for beefy bass.

K-One Vintage Synth App Store Description:

K-One Features:

Over 75 bespoke presets, made in consultation with some of the top music producers in the UK.

30 parameters for complete creative control. All mappable when used as an Auv3 audio unit.

K-One is based around four oscillators - a pulse wave, morphing sine-sawtooth wave, square sub and a noise oscillator.

A smooth, Moog-style resonant low pass filter, which can be modulated with its own envelope as well as via LFO.

5 different effects, including overdrive, delay, reverb and two custom made choruses, which give a deep, richness to the sound.

A non-resonant highpass filter.

Two ADSR envelopes for modulating the amp and filter.

Capable of an uncapped amount of polyphonic voices, or switch to the fat mono mode for basses and leads.

Pitch bend control.

A 127 note on-screen keyboard.

Compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, AUv3 and external midi control.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shows off some of the many presets included with the app.

TB ReelBus by ToneBoosters

ToneBoosters released TB ReelBus, an iOS port of their magnetic tape saturation emulator! The iOS version includes support for AUv3 and IAA.

TB ReelBus App Store Description:

ToneBoosters ReelBus is a top-quality, faithful, versatile and accurate magnetic tape simulation plug-in bringing warmth and excitement of tape to your iOS or iPadOS device!

Instant gratification from 80s compact cassette sound to professional 30 IPS studio recorder simulation. Sweeten your mix with a touch of tape hysteresis, saturation and compression. Create that 'Boards of Canada' sound by adding a tad of wow-and-flutter. Top it up with tape flanging, echo and tape start/stop effects.

The ToneBoosters ReelBus app captures the microphone (or external sound card) input and processes the signals in real time. To use it as a plug-in, use an AUv3-compatible host app such as Steinberg Cubasis, Apple Garageband, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Auria, AUM, or others. ToneBoosters ReelBus will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins.

Key features:

- The same professional sound as the acclaimed desktop version
- Wide variety of tape and saturation modes available
- Saturation, hysteresis, wow and flutter, tape hiss, asperity noise controls
- Tape speed and amount controls
- Unique drive EQ to drive certain frequencies harder into the tape model
- Tape wear model for worn-out tape simulation
- Tape flanger and dual tape echo modules, with beat sync functionality
- Tape start and tape stop effect modules
- Oversampling and anti-aliasing filters for top-quality output
- Input and output VU meters showing peak and RMS levels simultaneously
- Undo/redo, and A/B comparison
- Color themes for the user interface
- Max screen support in Garageband
- Legacy Inter-App Audio (IAA) support
- Optimised for iPad and compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

Save and export of settings
- The stand-alone app (and IAA app) can load and save settings (locally on iPad, via iCloud, or via iTunes file sharing).
- These Saved files can also be loaded into the desktop version of the plug-in.
- The AUv3 version can export settings to be used in the stand-alone app or desktop version.

What you should know:
- Inter-App Audio (IAA) can only use one instance of this app simultaneously. We recommend to use an AUv3 host to use multiple instances.
- Licenses acquired for this platform (iOS, iPadOS) are not compatible with other platforms.

There's no iOS demo yet, but YouTuber Chandler guitar tested out the latest desktop version.

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Quick Tour of Roland ZenBeats

YouTuber Nu-Trix The Synth Guy explores ZenBeats; which is also available on macOS, Windows, and Android.

Video Description:

Quick tour of the ZenBeats, the first Roland DAW for multi OS.
Roland finally decided to come up with a DAW. On top of that it runs on MAC, Windows, iOS, Android and the new iPadOS.

Follow me :

Nu-Trix Music:

EP : "The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix" https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album...

Album : "SuperJednostka"

Troublemaker Update

Troublemaker, from Bram Bos, was updated with a new "modded" version of the app to emulate some of the mods people do to TB-303s. If you have Troublemaker installed you'll now see a Troublemaker Modded available when loading AUv3s into your host.

What's new in Troublemaker v1.7:

Now includes a used, lightly modded, heavily battered Troublemaker unit that has seen better days. Sounds like its circuits are 30 years old and some components have been bypassed or tinkered with. But, hey, you got it for free so who cares? Look for it in your AUv3 plugin folder.

Doug Woods showed off the update in a new video. Here is a short official promo from Bram Bos.

Electronisounds: Warehouse Style Acid Techno With Random!

Electronisounds goes old school in this Acid (Ware)House track with some randomization provided by Rozeta!

Video Description:

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"Warehouse Style Acid Techno With Random!"

I used the technique that I showed in my last video to create a "Warehouse-Style" Acid Techno jam using the power of RANDOM! I'm using the Rozeta sequencers from Bram Bos running inside the AUM app on an iPad to **RANDOMLY** sequence drums from a retro Electribe EMX-1 groovebox and acid lines from a X0XB0X (Roland 303 Emulation).

A detailed walkthrough of the setup is included!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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