nanoloop Updated!

The grand daddy of audio apps, nanoloop, originated on the Nintendo Gameboy but it is still seeing updates on iOS! This update adds new file management and sharing options.

What's new:

  • Send and receive .nan as email attachments
    The "send" function now sends .nan files as actual attachments. Files can be handled like any other attachment, they can be saved on a PC and also be opened in the Android version and vice versa. This feature is only available on iOS 3.2 or higher. On older versions, you can still send files URL-encoded.
  • Open .nan files anywhere
    Nanoloop is added to the "open in" dialog. When you open a .nan file in Safari, Mail, Dropbox or any other app that can present an "open in" dialog, nanoloop starts and imports the file.
  • Share .nan files with Dropbox and others
    If file sharing apps like Dropbox are installed, there is a "share" function that allows to open .nan files in compatible apps.
  • Share WAV Exports
    If compatible apps are installed, an "open in" menu will appear after WAV export, allowing to open the exported file in any app that can open WAV files.

Buy nanoloop on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

nanoloop is a pretty impressive little package; offering synthesis, sequencing, and sampling! Here is a demo of the FM Synth.

OMAC Fast App Switching Demo

Last month Sean, from iOS Musician, posted to the Open Music App Collaboration (OMAC) group with the idea for switching between apps via MIDI messages.

Audeonic, developer of MidiBridge, MidiVision, and FreEWI, took on the idea and posted a demonstration of the results.

Video Description:

An agricultural (sorry, not good at video) demo of OMAC fast switching between apps using traditional switching via differing apps' switching interfaces.

And... a sneak preview:

The second part shows the new OMAC switching via MIDI commands, using MidiBridge to bind external MIDI commands to switch apps from a device or a controller like TouchOSC.

HipnoTouch Sale

HipnoTouch is a unique OpenSoundControl (OSC) app, "to explore or navigate parametric spaces." I think that is a fancy way of saying it will morph between values for your assigned parameters. It looks cool and it's on sale now for a buck!

Buy HipnoTouch on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $3.99)

Here is a demo from the developer. They have a few other videos on their YouTube channel.

AudioShare Update

AudioShare, from BitWiz developer Jonatan Liljedahl just got another big update!

What's new:

  • Select and move or delete multiple items
  • Double-tap PLAY button to loop
  • Add fast preview buttons in the library
  • Enable background audio
  • New recorder screen with level meters
  • Automatically Normalize recordings
  • Add Tools menu with Normalize and Convert to LPCM
    (if not already 16/44.1k WAV)
  • Improved sharpness of icons and symbols
  • Fix speaker routing problem on iPhone
  • Allow other apps to export audio into AudioShare
    (SDK will be made available soon)
  • Misc tweaks and improvements

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $2.99

The inclusion of background audio is a nice precursor to Audiobus support, when that SDK becomes available. Speaking of SDKs, there is some interesting news nested here about AudioShare offering its own for direct importing.

Now that AudioShare supports Sonoma's ACP and Intua's Pasteboard, I guess Jonatan was looking for a challenge and decided to start his own format as well!

Update: Well that was fast, the AudioShare SDK just came out! As Jonatan mentions in the comments here, it is going to allow other apps to transfer their files directly into AudioShare without manually copying and pasting. Implementation is supposed to be very easy, "With one line of code!"

iOS Update Vol. 16: DigiTech iStomp

This week Mitch has me desperately needing a DigiTech iStomp, and I don't even play guitar!

iStomp is an independent DSP stompbox that you program with new effects from the iPad. This is an interesting approach; the signal path is never going through the iPad itself, so you avoid the hiss and static people report in IK Multimedia's iRig. Sweetwater has a nice 3 for $300 deal that's worth checking out.

Buy MicVault Studio on iTunes: $0.99 (IAP)


Buy MicVault Live on iTunes: $0.99 (IAP)

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