The Verge: iPadOS Review - Sounds Like A Computer to Me

I remember watching the first iPad announcement being profoundly disappointed. I went in hyped to see Apple bring macOS (then OSX) to a tablet, but instead they were using iOS... which was complete garbage. It is really worth highlighting that, at the time, iOS 3 was just this useless shit they put on iPods and their crappy iPhones. Yes, even the iPhones were quite shitty back in 2010. There were better Windows CE phones then the half-assed iPhone 3G! I didn't want a gimpy tablet-phone hybrid... I wanted a tablet computer!

Nine years later, The Verge is showing us how iPadOS is bridging the gap to make the iPad a true computer.

Video Description:

iPadOS is finally here, which means it's finally time to see if Apple has turned the iPad into a real computer — maybe. In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn looks at the top things you should do to get the most out of iPadOS.

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Unison Audio Part 2 - The Unison Fucks Back

Over the weekend I received a notice from Google that a DMCA Removal was issued against discchord.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a legal mechanism allowing for the immediate removal of any copyrighted material from the Internet. Its broad-reaching power has been abused frequently in the past two decades. Its abuses began almost immediately after it was signed into law, with Adobe arresting security researcher Dmitry Sklyarov. It has been abused by Volkswagen to hide their emissions test cheating. According to Google, 94% of the DMCA requests it receives are fraudulent. Here is one more for the shit pile.

The Internet is far too large to police manually. While Google acknowledges that the DMCA requests are bogus they still automatically de-list anything they get a take-down request for. A provision of the DMCA is that they become liable if they don't immediately act on a DMCA request. So we get a policy of shooting first, and determining guilt later. It was up to me to begin the process of figuring out who issued the DMCA, why, and then filing a formal legal declaration that I own the rights to the content on my site.

Back in April Ave Mcree reported that Unison Audio issued a copyright strike against his YouTube channel. This was a direct attempt to to silence a video which allegedly documented a scam Unison Audio were running. I was fairly appalled by that and its chilling implications, so I said, Fuck Unison Audio.

The geniuses at Unison Audio figured that the appropriate resolution was to just press that DMCA button a few more times to silence anyone who reported on them DMCAing Ave McCree. So they did. discchord was among 6 other sites targeted by this DMCA abuse.

The largest site on that hitlist is CDM. I spoke with editor Peter Kirn and asked for his thoughts on the situation:

"You just did the thing we said you were doing in order to stop us saying you did that thing you just did."

Now we're in an asinine game of cat and mouse where they're silencing journalists, and then silencing the journalists that report on them silencing journalists. This is a foolish course of action on their part. Journalists tend to get pretty pissed off when they see other journalists being silenced.

yaleD by Sonosaurus LLC

yaleD is a new AUv3 reversed delay by ThumbJam/DrumJam developer Sonosaurus... and it's just $2!

yaleD App Store Description:

yaleD is a dedicated reverse delay audio effect, with full support as an Audio Unit (AUv3) plugin extension. Please note that while it works as a standalone app, it is designed to be used from other host audio apps such as GarageBand, AUM, Audiobus 3, Cubasis, etc!

A reverse delay effect continuously listens then plays back reversed chunks of the audio input depending on the delay time, feedback and filtering settings. Can be used for both obvious or subtle effects depending on the setup.

Since a reverse delay is sensitive to positional sync as well as delay time, the reversals are appropriately synced to the host transport timeline when playing back and using the beat-based delay time. Or the Hold Time button can be used to both sync and set the delay time manually by pressing and releasing it at the appropriate time.

- Complete control over input gain, and independent wet and dry output levels.

- Feedback with cross-pan and both low-pass and high-pass filtering.

- Delay time specified either in milliseconds, or as beats (with 1/16th note resolution) synced to host tempo. You can also specify the maximum delay time (up to 20 seconds!) in the settings to control the per-instance memory usage.

- Can apply a delay time scaling offset to the second channel for interesting stereo effects.

- Optional Tape effect when changing delay time.

- One-Shot mode for doing triggered records and single reverse playback. Great for playing a solo in and reversing just what you want to hear. The hold/record and replay buttons can be controlled with MIDI bindings.

- Easy to use resizable plugin interface optimized for host apps on both iPhones and iPads. Made for fingers!

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shows off the new app in this not-a-live-stream demo!

Daveypoo: Time Travelin' with 4Pockets Time Machine

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel did a fun demo of the new Time Machine by 4Pockets!

Video Description:

Diving into the inner workings for Time Machine by the nice folks at!

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Electronisounds: Using an iPad to Sequence Retro Grooveboxes!

Electronisounds did a detailed tutorial on how you can bring new life to an old groovebox with your iPad.

Video Description:

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"Using an iPad to Sequence Retro Grooveboxes!"

A creative way to record drumbeats out of your hardware grooveboxes, drum machines and samplers using the AUM app on an iPad.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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