Jay Dogon - Tiki Chillin

YouTuber Jay Dogon did some groovy downtempo Chillin with a couple of iPads.

Video Description:

One shot. Let's Chill

Loopy HD
Moog Model D
Korg Module

ORG 2020 by Sofeh Sunrise

Developer Sofeh Sunrise released ORG 2020 for iOS and Android, promising KORG and Yamaha keyboards in your pocket. These truly look impressive in their scope. While the Android version seems to be welcomed with glowing reviews, the iOS version may disappoint readers here.

The iTunes description is missing any mention of support for AUv3, AB, nor even IAA. I contacted the developer for confirmation and to ask if these features would be forthcoming. All I got back was a simple and grammatically challenging, "Unfortunately there is not such a feature available."

ORG 2020 is free to try, but has some confusing IAPs listed on the App Store. There is a $25 VIP, a $10 MIDI keyboard tax, a $15 "using the data" charge, and several "Download Premium data" IAPs ranging from $2 to $8.

ORG 2020 App Store Description:

• Thousands of musical instruments (Multi-sample and Recorded from real instruments)
• DNC Instruments with After-touch
• Thousands of rhythms (Include Intros, Variations, Fills, Break, Endings, and Pads) with Real Chord (Press 3 or more keys)
• A lot of drum-kits (General, Arabic, Persian, ...)
• Connect to a real musical keyboard via USB MIDI cable
• Use the phone as a microphone with audio filters
• Programmable Sound/Loop Buttons for play Audio files
• Strong Desktop tools for Create, Edit and Import Instruments, Styles, ... (download from www.sofeh.com)
• Joystick, Ribbon, Effects, and Filters
• Record, Re-record, Sing a Song, Save, Playback, ...
• High-quality Stereo output
• Simulate KORG keyboards with: Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo, Transpose, Octave, Balance, Tune, Split, Chord Memory, Tap Tempo/Reset ...
• Multi-touch with 10 fingers
• Change volume of each Instrument or Style Separately
• Pedal, Metronome and Touch Response
• Quarter tones (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish ...)
• 1 and 2 rows keyboard
• Create high-quality MP3 and share on Social Networks ( WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, ... )
• and more ...

Website: www.sofeh.com
Support email: support@sofeh.com

There are a lot of videos for previous versions going back to 2017. Here is a video for the 2020 version.

EG Pulse Update

EG Pulse, from Elliott Garage, was updated with support for polyrhythms. The update also brings AUv3 MIDI output, and a bunch of other improvements.

What's new in EG Pulse v1.05:

- Polyrhythms - draw last step in grid view for each sequencer lane
- AU3 midi out
- Sample play mode HOLD
- Stop/panic button
- Added 1/12 quantization for triplets
- Tap on led view to open save and quantize setting
- Swipe on bpm in display view to change tempo, long press to insert manually, tap tempo
- Soft clipping
- Cubasis fullscreen support
- Import of m4a audio files
- Import of video MP4 (iPad/iPhone screen recording)
- Transient audio preview
- Hold EDIT and tap on PAD to open sample editor (long press no long working)
- Copy patterns will copy automations too
- Settings : option to disable velocity on pad y-Axis

- selected pattern, sync to host, mixer mute and solo saved in AU3 state
- crash importing sliced audio on iPhone
- host sync with Garage Band, Cubasis, Nanostudio2, BeatMaker3, AUM, Quantiloop

Angela Pagliero - Halloween 🎃

YouTuber Angela Pagliero is getting into the spirit of Halloween with GarageBand and a history lesson on the Jack-o'-lantern! I had no idea about any of this, and the folklore on how Jack tricked the Devil is amusing.

Video Description:

I haven’t posted here on YouTube for some time. I have been more on the Insta lately.
If your new here; I am a singer songwriter. At this time I do not play an instrument.. so how do I write?; I produce loops & music using garageband, create a song, then sing my poems & stories over the newly created music.

This is a new halloween song I just wrote. Thank you for listening 🙏🚀 👻
Halloween fun fact; According to Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns 🎃 are named after a stingy man named Jack who, because he tricked the devil several times, was forbidden entrance into both heaven and hell. He was condemned to wander the Earth, waving his lantern to lead people away from their paths.🤓
( however the meaning of the name Jack is: God is gracious☝️ 👏🏼✨)

The Sound Test Room: Making Massive Sounds

Doug from The Sound Test Room runs KORG's Module into 5 popular reverb apps to make Massive Sounds!

Video Description:

What happens when you run all these Top Class Reverbs at the same time on Korg Module and my voice.

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