Trace Bundy - Beat It (iPhone Cover)

Trace Bundy does some truly excellent guitar loop cover songs, but at his sold-out Boulder Theater show he broke out his iPhone. Here he's looping Bebot, Pocket Guitar, and Drums in his Line 6 M9, on this cover of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

Imogen Heap - Generative Jogging App

Imogen Heap, Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist and all-around amazing performer, wants to make an app. Imogen is perhaps best known for her song Hide & Seek, but among musicians she is known for her inventive use of technology in her music.

Palm Sounds found this interesting video from RJDJ and Intel, where Imogen talks about how she wants to make a generative music app that you can listen to while jogging. As anyone who has ever committed to a serious exercise regime will tell you, nothing kills a good album like listening to it 100 times while working out. Instead of listening to Eye of the Tiger on repeat, Imogen wants to make a music app that will continuously evolve, based on your changing environment and movement.

More details and a Week 1 developer diary video are available on RJDJ's blog.

Cubasis Tutorial: MIDI & Audiobus

Music for iPad put together a short 3 minute tutorial video for working with MIDI and Audiobus in Cubasis.

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Animoog & Audiobus Dubstep

Nakano Syun has a new video showing the entire production of a Dubstep track, using Animoog and Cubasis through Audiobus. After he has all of his recordings together, he then goes nuts with it in LiveFX!

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99


Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Buy LiveFX on iTunes: Free ($8.99 IAP to Unlock)

Sylenth 1: Synth Focus

Computer Music Magazine is up to something new and interesting! Synth Focus is a new series of apps that specifically focus on one software synthesizer; with tutorial videos, artist interviews, and a talk with the developer. This is almost entirely off-topic for the site, since the synth focused on is a computer VST, but I really like the concept of this! I especially like the idea of the developer being interviewed, which should give some fascinating insights into the design. I hope we see a lot more of this!

Perhaps most interesting of all is their distribution of the app. You can buy it standalone for $3, but it is also available as a free bonus to subscribers of their iTunes Newsstand app!

iTunes Description:

Synth Focus by Computer Music magazine is a succinct new series of apps that explores the best software synths on the market today.

In this Sylenth1 edition, we'll show you key techniques through five video tutorials, speak to the developer in an exclusive interview, find out what the synth's most famous users have to say about it and more!

Buy Sylenth 1: Synth Focus on iTunes: $2.99

Buy Computer Music Magazine on iTunes: $4.99/issue ($39.99/year)

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