Eclectic Method - MULTiPAD

Eclectic Method have been exploring the use of iPads in some of their recent VJ videos, but for their latest they went meta!

Video Description:

Eclectic Method's latest video is battery dependent many iPadded jam on virtual instruments and video apps called MULT i PAD. Apps Used: BassGuitar, Bebot, iMaschine, Korg iElectribe, MadPad HD, Sylo Synth, Vjay

Matthew Tyas - Table Topper

Palm Sounds found this excellent video from Matthew Tyas, enjoying the Midouze river and having an improv session on Tabletop!

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Free

DJ Mix Fix Updated, Free for a Limited Time!

DJ Mix Fix was recently updated with new soundbanks and iPhone 5 support, and today it is free for a limited time!

Buy DJ Mix Fix on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

Audanika Harmony Theory Blog

Audanika, makers of Sound Prism, announced today the launch of the Audanika Harmony Theory Blog.

This will be a weekly series of music theory tutorials. I'm very excited about the educational potential here! It is a great challenge to explain music theory; which I avoid entirely in my own videos by going for a more intuitive understanding of harmonics through synthesis. There is a lot of value in understanding music theory though. It is not just for pretentious Prog!

The whole series is based on their unique approach to harmony theory, which they call the Symmetry Model. iPad apps, I'll let you guess which one, will be featured for demonstrating the theory. This should make it easy for everyone reading this to follow along! Best of all every "episode" will be a short 5-10 minute read, with lots of pictures and even a video.

Lesson One starts with the three basic models of the Western tonal system, along with a helpful video to demonstrate them!

Traktor DJ for iPad

Native Instruments have released their second iOS app, and this one looks a hell of a lot more impressive than iMaschine!

iTunes Description:

TOUCH THE GROOVE. The world’s #1 pro DJ software now brings high-impact DJing to iPad. Touch your tracks, loop, scratch, and create stunning mixes in seconds.

  • Direct access to your iTunes music library from TRAKTOR DJ
  • Stylish waveform display allows for simple looping and ultra-tight scratching
  • Intelligent browser recommends songs based on compatible tempo and key
  • Automatic tempo and key detection plus BPM sync for super-smooth mixing
  • Innovative Notification Center gives you in-app access to essential tips and undiscovered techniques
  • 8 built-in pro DJ effects, including Reverb, Delay and dramatic glitch effects like BeatMasher
  • Familiar DJ mixer layout with crossfader plus line faders, 3-band EQ and filter on each channel
  • Prepare tracks on the road – all meta data (tempo, beatgrids, cue points etc.) in TRAKTOR DJ syncs with TRAKTOR PRO DJ software using Dropbox
  • Record your mixes live in high-quality on the iPad and share with your friends

iOS 6 is required!

Buy Traktor DJ on iTunes: $19.99

This is a very exciting development for iOS music apps! Traktor has some of the best effects in the world of DJ software, so having access to 8 of those on the go is very nice! There are some additional features in here that are equally exciting. The harmonic mixing, eluded to in their Intelligent Browser blurb, was previously only available on iOS with Mixed In Key's iMashup. The ability to sync sets made on Traktor DJ with Traktor Pro, via Dropbox, will be gratefully welcomed by existing Traktor users.

Nick Batt, from Sonic Touch, shares an interesting encounter he had with the app at NAMM, involving blacked-out SUVs and undisclosed locations. You'll also find the official promo video, with Richie Hawtin, in his Sonic State article.

DJ Tech Tools' Head-Tool Ean Golden already has an excellent review and video up! He's using an HDMI recorder, so the video quality is excellent, but you can't see his finger presses. Fortunately he switches to an over-the-shoulder shot for his performance.

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