Rheyne Live Looping with MIDI Fighter 3D

Rheyne has a new jam video out, featuring DJ TechTools' MIDI Fighter 3D and Lemur for iPad controlling Ableton.

A live looping improv jam performed on a DJ TechTools "MIDI Fighter 3D." No phrases or pre-reocrded loops were used. Only single notes are being triggered from an instance of NI's Kontakt for drums, and three separate instances of NI's Massive for the bass, lead, and polyphonic synth. The bank-select buttons at the top of the unit selects the proper instrument in Ableton Live.

Tilting the unit to the right controls a low-pass filter on the synths. A backward tilt controls the resonance on those filters, and tilting the unit forward controls modulation/vibrato. The side buttons are controlling Ableton's loopers, and are also used to engage the master filter at the end of the song.

Lemur on the iPad is being used to clear loops and control reverb and delay on all four instruments.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

VAEIN - Broken Glass

VAEIN has just posted Broken Glass, a new Live Remix of Philip Glass' The Four American Seasons Concerto. You can watch him doing his thing in this video. He's rocking on Ableton Live with an APC40 and the rarely-seen Konkreet Performer for iPad.

VAEIN even has his own Universal app, if you want to check out more of his remixes and DJ sets.

Buy VAEIN on iTunes: Free

Buy Konkreet Performer on iTunes: $24.99

SynthStation is completely redesigned in Version 3!

Akai has updated SynthStation to version 3, completely addressing all of my criticisms! Chief among those was the fact that you had to navigate through menu after menu to try and change any of your patches. Now all synth parameters are on a single page!

Glorious knobs! This is so much easier to work with now, and the on-screen keyboard is accessible for testing your changes! I did encounter one bug in testing though; it won't let me rename presets. You are limited to 64 presets, so if you want to save your work you'll have to save over a factory preset.

Buy SynthStation on iTunes: $1.99

xMod - FM Synth for iPad

xMod ain't pretty, but it is an FM Synth with 3 oscillators and a surprising amount of features. Even rtpMIDI for wireless MIDI!

I can't find any specific details for this, nor examples. It just came out last night, but the developer hasn't updated their website since 2011! Here is the iTunes description:

xMod is unique both visually and functionally. The synth is a polyphonic triple-oscillator cross-modulated FM synthesizer with 32 preset patches (sounds). Synth patches are displayed in a "sound map" that gives the player the ability to quickly move from one preset to another. Tapping the SOUND button exposes the underlying synthesizer controls. Another set of 32 user patches can be programmed, saved, and shared.

Tapping the PLAY button reveals a built in MIDI player and audio recorder behind the keyboard. Download and play multi-track MIDI files. Using external accessories like iRig MIDI you can play xMod using an external MIDI control device. xMod also supports MIDIRTP so it can be played wirelessly from another device.

Could be interesting for FM hackers! We need more apps with Mod Matrixes. I like the way they've got all the knobs on a single screen, with the Matrix! The price is kind of high for a shot-in-the-dark-app like this, but it could be a diamond in the rough. Thanks to reader Paawo for bringing it to my attention!

Buy xMod on iTunes: $4.99

Genome 1.1.0 adds Remix Pads!

White Noise Audio has released version 1.1.0 of Genome. This update adds a bunch to the best MIDI Sequencer on iOS, including the much anticipated Remix Pads! These allow you to play with your sequenced notes and CC messages in real-time, creating dynamic loops and stutters that keep time with the BPM.
Full Details:

  • Fixes for playhead visual positioning issues 
  • ‘Create’ option for Grooves (create a groove template from a pattern, such as recorded MIDI notes). 
  • Remix Pads
  • File management
  • Delete, email, Open in… (for opening files in other apps including Dropbox)
  • Improvements to Zooming
  • Zooming in and out should work a little better now in general. When zoomed out, the view now smoothly zooms in instead of abruptly zooming
  • New 'advanced' zoom mode
  • OMAC App Fast switch  
  • Important Change: Genome’s virtual port is no longer ‘on’ by default. You have to enable it via the config menu. 
  • MIDI import bugfixes.
  • Changed MIDI Panic button to an icon, and added it to the Pattern page too.
  • Network MIDI changes to accommodate issues with Copperlan driver 
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements 

Here is a demo from the developer showing off the new Remix Pads. If you're new to Virtual MIDI or Genome I have written a tutorial here: Setup to Song - A complete Guide to Genome

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99

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