It Follows Theme (GarageBand Cover by Chair of Rigel)

YouTuber blackflatcat did an epic sounding cover of the theme song for the movie It Follows in GarageBand.

Video Description:

A cover of “Title” theme from the “It Follows” OST composed by the great Richard Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace. This experiment was made as a test for the many possibilities of Apple GarageBand for iOS (iPad Air 2), no AuV3 or external instruments were used.

GeoShred Masterclass with Jordan Rudess

Developer moForte posted a bunch of videos today, including this well produced Masterclass with Jordan!

Les Productions Zvon: Memory Collection 10 - Eclectic

Sound designer Les Productions Zvon released the 10th pack in his Memory Collection series. These include a lot of great and goofy samples from videos in the Public Domain, including Sci-Fi TV shows from the 1950's! All of the Memory Collection packs are on sale for 50% off right now, including this one which is now down to $15. There's also a free demo pack of 230 samples. You'll find them all here.

Video Description:

Memory Collection 10 demo video!

It's the largest Memory Collection pack to date with 5017 samples (1.84 GB) taken from a varied collection Public Domain videos.
- Four movies (3 horror/Sci-Fi and 1 monster movie)
- 19 TV show episodes including 13 from Sci-Fi shows from the 1950s
- 11 documentaries including 4 on the subject of sound recording
- 70 ads

With material from the 1930s to the early 60s!
Visit this page for purchase, more info and a free demo of 230 samples (wav format):

Sequence was made with NanoStudio 2.

Bristol Manor - Ambient AUM Guitar Jam August 2019

Kevin C did a beautiful bit of ambient with guitar loops, GeoShred, and about a dozen other apps in AUM!

Video Description:

Screen recording of ambient jam in AUM on ipad using a few apps, a few guitar loops/samples, with a little GeoShred live improv.

I'll probably export the individual tracks for this and re-record the GeoShred bits before finishing in a DAW. I had some better parts played on Geoshred when I was rehearsing...

The Mobile Music Minstrel: Binaural Location by Blue Mangoo

Daveypoo shows off the new Binaural Location app released earlier this summer by Blue Mangoo.

Video Description:

A quick blast through Blue Mangoo's interesting Binaural Location AUv3!

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