Adam Hardyman - WIRED

YouTuber Adam Hardyman produced another wild track with Gestrument Pro controlling a variety of other apps, in a video edited on his iPad in LumaFusion!

Video Description:

WIRED is an Audio/visual mix of many elements coming from GESTRUMENT PRO into AUM using sounds from Sugar Bytes FACTORY (4 instances) and APARILLO (2) and ROLI NOISE (3). Kind of a soundscape with different parts weaving together - highlights a need in Gestrument for some way of grouping parts together to make this kid of mix easier - but hopefully I manage ok!
Everything is being played by Gestrument Pro.

Really excited by the new VELOCITY FILTER by BLUE MANGOO - Gestrument has great control over velocity which is lost when using it through midi into AUM and synths like Factory - so Velocity Filter brings back all that wonderful velocity information and some! Not a sexy app but so useful.

FX from the new MICROPITCH from EVENTIDE - I've been seeing a lot of great reviews about these new units so bought this one and like it so far....
Still loving the fabfilter Pro Plug-Ins...
Compression from WOODPRESSOR.
EQ from 4Pockets Graphic.
Also giving the new JAF MODEL ONE LP Filter a ride to beef up the mix.
DAW cassette from GLEVGRAND makes it all sound like its coming from an old cassette tape through a worn out deck!

Edited in LUMA FUSION.

SoundCloud Audio -
Gestrument Tutorials - -

Hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think - it's why I do it!
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Thanks for watching!

Videoleap Tutorial: How-to Layer Videos + VFX on iPhone & iPad

YouTuber Cued shows us how he makes such great custom visual effects on his music videos, like this one.

Video Description:

You can create dazzling VFX sequences on iPhone/iPad through video layering (which is crazy) and I feel like people don’t talk about it enough! So, I’m gonna share how you can do this with Videoleap, a free app that allows you to easily create video edits & composites.

Cued Instagram:
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Cued Soundcloud:
Cued Twitch:

Teder & MacGyver 2.0 - Dusty Beach

YouTubers Teder Music and MacGyver 2.0 combined forces for this "beachy house" track, presumably recorded at a beach house. This table of gear comprises synths for all occasions and price points.

Video Description:

I visited MacGyver 2.0 whom I met at the Mute 19 show 1,5 years ago. We took out all our gear, synced our machines up and made some electronic live music happen. This is the second of three tracks we recorded: a beachy house track.

Be sure to checkout MacGyver 2.0 on soundcloud ( and youtube (


MacGyver 2.0 gear
Volca Keys
Volca FM
Volca Bass
Boss TB03
Roland SE-02

Teder gear
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron analog four
Elektron analog rytm
FMR RNC 1773 compressor
NanokeyStudio controller
iConnectMidi usb host
iPad w/ Animoog

4th of August 2019

Eos 2 Update

Eos 2, from Audio Damage, is celebrating its 10th Birthday with a face-lift and a sale! The desktop version is down to $40, while the iOS version is down to $4. At the time of this post the sale is not yet on the App Store.

What's new in Eos 2 v2.1:

We are very pleased to bring you this major update to one of our flagship products.
1. NEW USER INTERFACE. For Eos’ 10th birthday, we have given it a facelift, and brought It up to date and more in line with our younger products.

2. COMPLETE REFACTORING. Internally, we have replaced most of what we call the “old framework” (which is to say code from before we made iOS products) with our current cross-platform parameter management and support code. This results in a future-proofed Eos that is built to all current plugin standards, and which uses all the latest SDKs and APIs.

3. BETTER CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY. The original iOS version of Eos was a separate build process from the desktop Eos. Now, they are identical in all respects, built from the same code-base.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a demo live stream for the update!

Fader Command by Denis Desjardins

Denis Desjardins released Fader Command. This is a MIDI controller that offers big, easy to use, faders.

Fader Command App Store Description:

Fader Command is a programmable MIDI controller. With easy to program faders, control your MIDI gear your way. Modulate any fader with two dynamic LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators).

* Program MIDI faders on the iPad
* 12 programs with up to 100 faders each
* Large readable labels
* Precice MIDI CC control
* Optimized workflow
* Fader notes
* Undo/Redo per fader
* Nudge values up/down
* Default value indicator
* Program/patch change control
* Information mode
* Color faders
* Group faders by synth categories
* Automated fader division lines
* 2 LFOs per program
* 12 LFO shapes
* LFO rates from 0.01 to 10 Hertz
* Insert code/templates
* Easily share/backup programs as text files

Developer Denis Desjardins posted this short overview of the app.

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