Roxsyn Guitar Synthesizer Presets - Double Feature

YouTubers Ralph Buckley and Dj Puzzle both posted preset demos for Roxsyn with their guitars.

Alex Fain - Gloria

YouTuber Alex Fain's take on melodic-techno is mostly mellow, but it has occasional bouts of FUCKING EPIC!

Video Description:

Written by Alex Fain
Track id: Gloria
Label: Malamute Record (007)
Part of the E.P. Ko Lusy
Out in digital release 01 October 2019
Daw NanoStudio 2 di Blip Interactive Ltd

5 Ways to use Eventide iOS Plugins for Ambient Jams

YouTuber Martin Yam Moller demonstrates 5 specific use cases for the new Eventide apps. He provides demonstrations for each. He further explains his favorite features, and how they work.

Video Description:

Here I present 5 ways that I've made ambient music using the awesome Eventide iOS plugins - Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay and MicroPitch. For each of the 5 jam sessions that I go through, I show a few tips and tricks which demonstrate why these AUv3 plugins are great to have on the iOS platform. They're especially fantastic to have on your iphone for those outdoor jams, where you are making music out in nature.

I was sent these 3 plugins to test out by Eventide, so this is technically a sponsored video. However Eventide have had no say in what I've said about their products and haven't had any editorial influence on the content of this video. (the plugins are awesome, and I've actually paid for the desktops versions)

Eventide's FX are now available for iPhone and iPad.

Follow me on instagram where you can hear the original versions of these jams:

Beach Cassette

Forest Vox

Lake Synth

Sunset Guitar

Feedback Tunnel

Medly Update

Medly was updated with a new pack for Medly members, featuring Australian-style bounce.

What's new in Medly v5.4:

Melbourne Bounce Pack:
- August’s release brings sounds inspired by Melbourne’s rich music scene
- Includes 8 instruments and 52 new loops and samples
- Exclusive to Medly Member

New template picker design:
- A new design that's more consistent with other pack lists
- Faster-loading audio previews of template songs

Manage downloaded Packs:
- Scroll to the bottom of the instruments or loops page to quickly download or clear all sounds in a pack

YouTuber Make Some Noise used a previous version of Medly to create this R&Bish jam.

Ambient Tuesdays: iPad Music with Animoog & Xynthesizr

YouTuber Pete Calandra did a pleasant little ambient noodle with Xynthesizr and Animoog!

Video Description:

Ambient piece using 2 iPads and the Animoog and Xynthesizr apps.
The sequence on the Xynthesizr is using the "Highlife" rule to vary the notes played by the app. I am adjusting the filter, oscillator and LFO settings.
Recorded directly into Pro Tools thru a Focusrite Red 4Pre.
iPad screen capture with the RecordIt app.

Video taken with Sony AX53 camcorder
Edited in iMovie

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