Earache is a new free ear trainer with a twist! It will give you an earache...

iTunes Description:

After a while you will get an earache after using this app.

But in the meantime you can practice ear training by listening to and naming intervals in an arcade game style setting! (well don't expect much on the arcade game front actually).

Includes modes for:
  • Playing against the clock: see how many intervals you can name in 1 minute
  • Playing for accuracy: out of 30 guesses how many can you name correctly
  • free play - just play, but also keeps score
  • Help screen explains the different intervals
  • Can set level, to start ear training on simple intervals first, like octaves and fifths.
  • Can choose between using middle c as the first note of the interval or a random note (movable do, in solfege)

Buy Earache on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

TB MIDI Stuff Updated, Now Universal!

What a great day for MIDI Stuff as TB MIDI Stuff also got an update. Thanks to Trueyorky for the heads-up!

What's new:

Entirely rebuilt, TB MIDI Stuff v2.0 adds a lot of new features:
  • Universal App (can open TB MIDI Tiny Stuff pages)
  • Up to 128 pages can be opened at the same time (even on iPad 1st Gen !!!), organized on a 2D pages canvas
  • Visual Control Selector
  • Variables (Application, Page, User and Control)
  • Brand New Controls : Pick List and Piano Keyboard (with Arpeggiator Track on each)
  • Full RGB colors on controls
  • Custom Image Backgrounds
  • Custom Tooltips on Sliders
  • Gyroscope support with compatible devices (Pitch/Roll simulation on iPad 1)

Buy TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes: $4.99

There is a special note for users of previous versions to check out the Migration Guide (PDF), before updating! The way it saves your page layouts has changed dramatically, but this should have an equally dramatic improvement on performance.

This update is so big that Intelligent Pad Touches was able to port their FL Studio Lemur template over to TB MIDI Stuff 2.0! The download is not yet available on their site, but there is a demo video of it in action.

StepPolyArp Updated with More MIDI and More Features!

A new update for StepPolyArp just hit iTunes, providing a whole bunch of new MIDI features and its own internal sound bank!

What's New:

  • New Midi engine improving accuracy
  • Automatic chaining patterns
  • Internal sound bank
  • Adding a tap tempo
  • Midi control input can be deactivated
  • Improved undo manager
  • The Midi output can be saved with the preset
  • The speed can be modified from a popover menu
  • A different Midi channel can be assigned to each line pattern and each controller
  • iOS 6 support

Buy StepPolyArp on iTunes: $11.99

There are a ridiculous amount of StepPolyArp videos, but this is my favorite since it shows off velocity and modulation.

iOS Update Vol. 19: Apogee Jam

This week's update looks at Apogee's slick-as-hell Jam guitar interface, and app of the week DrumBeats+!

Buy Drum Beats+ on iTunes: $3.99


Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $7.99

Sonic Logic in Reason

The developer of Sonic Logic must have read your comments on the last video! Several people were wondering why all the controller app demos seem to focus on Ableton Live, instead of some of the other DAWs.

This week he's back with his new app in Propellerhead's Reason! Sonic Logic will be available later this month on iTunes.

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