Photon Update

Photon, the DMX lighting console for iPad, was updated with Ableton Link support! Now you can easily keep your lights sync'd with everything else that has Ableton Link!

What's new in Photon v1.6.0:

What's new in Photon v1.6 ?
- Ableton Link support : sync lights animations with your favorite DJ app or musical instrument. Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network for a perfect synchronization between lights and music.
- New code for the sequencer for better reliability
- iPad Pro 12,9" compliant

Colin Powell - Above the Clouds (Live)

Colin Powell, best known for his work with Doug Woods in their joint musical ventures, plays Above the Clouds live into Eventide's Blackhole.

Video Description:

Inspired by the amazing Eventide Blackhole app, I thought I'd try playing an old tune of mine called Above the Clouds (which I wrote back in 2014) using just my Strat and Blackhole, hosted in AUM (for the AUv3 and recording purposes). This version lacks some extra harmonies and subtle string drones from the original version but I think it shows how full a sound can be achieved with Blackhole.

Beat Maker Is The Squad - Beat Making Video in Cubasis 2

YouTuber Beat Maker Is The Squad produced groovey track in Cubasis 2. You get to see the whole composition in this well edited video that shows him playing in all of the parts.

Video Description:

After a couple of weeks of working in completely free apps, this week I’m working in Cubasis 2. Cubasis is a really great app for music composition and production and in this episode I hope to show some of its capabilities. I’m also using a few extra apps in this episode and links to them can be found below.>

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The Mobile Music Minstrel: Taming iVCS3 - Part 1

After having mastered the madness of apeMatrix, Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel has started a new series to tame apeSoft's iVCS3!

Video Description:

iVC3 is one of the most daunting of iOS synths, but it is also one of the most versitile and best sounding synths out there. It's daunting to try to understand, so in this video we get straight to making a simple, standard, playable patch to get you going right away!

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UNL MUSC 198: Creating with the iPad

University of Nebraska–Lincoln is teaching music with iPads! We've seen lots of schools using iPads in their music programs before, but I believe this is the first time I've seen that at the University level. Here is a little promo they shot to show off the course.

Video Description:

Creating with the iPad MUSC 198 taught by Associate Professor of Music Education and Music Technology
A video I created for UNL.

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