Red Sky Lullaby - Vagueness Squared

Reader Red Sky Lullaby put together some nice trip-hop in Samplr, Samvada, Beatmaker2, Animoog, and Magellan. He then went the extra step to make an extremely trippy video in Vjay to go along with it! Vjay is still free for those that want to do the same.

Buy Vjay on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $19.99)

Audio Mastering Updated with Audiobus

Audio Mastering got a nice big update today, including the ability to route Audiobus to it as either an Effect or Output.

What's new in Audio Mastering v1.2:

  • Supports Audiobus as Effects or Output.
  • Recording from Audiobus Effects/Output or from external input.
  • Record button on Audiobus connection panel.
  • Auto start recording at signal presence.
  • Solo mode for Equalizer bands.
  • High-quality sample rate converter to 44/48 kHz with 16/24 bits.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Buy Audio Mastering on iTunes: $9.99

Here is a demo from developer, of Audio Mastering effecting SunVox.

Audiobus Updates: Arpeggionome Pro & Steinberg Loopmash

Arpeggionome Pro and Steinberg's other app, Loopmash, have joined Audiobus. Both are available as Inputs.

What's new in Loopmash (all versions):

  • Audiobus support!
  • In-App Store Improvements

What's new in Arpeggionome Pro v1.1:

  • Audiobus support and Landscape-orientation support.

Buy LoopMash HD on iTunes: $5.99

Buy LoopMash on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

Buy LoopMash Free on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Buy Arpeggionome Pro on iTunes: $19.99

Tutorial: Waldorf Nave Essentials - Part 1

Mee Zanook heard your pleas for a Nave tutorial, and he offers a solid one here on syncing the goofy stuff you can do in the vocoder. He also demonstrates how drastically the sound can be shaped with the wavetable spectrum controls.

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99

ANI - iPad Live Looping

Amy Lee, aka ANI, did a series of iPad live looping jams over the weekend with NanoStudio and Tabletop. Here is a particularly fun and funky one, but check out her YouTube channel for more.

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $13.99


Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Freemium

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