UNL MUSC 198: Creating with the iPad

University of Nebraska–Lincoln is teaching music with iPads! We've seen lots of schools using iPads in their music programs before, but I believe this is the first time I've seen that at the University level. Here is a little promo they shot to show off the course.

Video Description:

Creating with the iPad MUSC 198 taught by Associate Professor of Music Education and Music Technology
A video I created for UNL.

Haik - Tardigrain Jam

YouTuber Haik is back with another intriguing app performance. Here he takes granular synth Tardigrain out into the depths of space!

Video Description:

Tardigrain is a granular synthesiser that runs standalone or as an AU plugin. Sounds are created by taking smaller fragments of a sample and playing them back in a non linear fashion, with settings for grain size, direction, step size and more. Process the sound further through effects like reverb, wave shaper and sample crush. Tardigrain supports connections with AudioCopy, AudioBus, Inter App Audio and AUv3. Plus all audio parameters can be modulated by midi, as AU parameters and by aftertouch on the build in keyboard








Patterning 2 Update

Patterning 2, from Olympia Noise Co., was updated with keyboard shortcuts for people who use a QWERTY keyboard with their iPad. Shortcuts are a big part of PC productivity, so it is nice to see them in more apps; adding value to the pricey Smart Keyboards.

What's new in Patterning 2 v2.1.3:

• Keyboard Shortcuts. Use your iPad Keyboard to control some of Patterning’s most commonly used commands.

Space Bar : Start/Stop
1 - 8 : Trigger instruments 1-8
r : Record Toggle
m : Metronome Toggle
Left Arrow : Previous Pattern
Right Arrow : Next Pattern
n : New Pattern
d : Duplicate Pattern
t : Timeline Enabled Toggle
l -Timeline Looping Toggle

• Fix issue where mono polyphony mode could cause clicks on retrigger.
• Updates to choke and mono logic.
• Fix issue with sample preview not using current filter settings.
• Fix issues with filter that could cause clicking when triggering a note after choking or mono fade outs.

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Korg Gadget 2 Update Demo

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy explores the latest update to Gadget and the 3 new gadgets that came with it. This is a refreshingly critical look at the new offerings, rather than gushing praise for KORG.

Video Description:

Korg has updated Gadget 2 again (update 4.5.0). It brings 3 new gadgets that I bought and tested for you. In this video I go through each one and explain the synth engine + demo some sounds.

Sadly 2 of them did not impress me. Or at least they do not bring enough value for their cost.
Otorii : 3:11
Ebina : 9:54
Warzsawa : 15:10

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Pete Johns - We’re Trying to Have a Society Here (Lyric Video)

Studio Live Today's Pete Johns is wondering what the hell is wrong with society these days. This track features amusing lyrics and a fun-bouncy piano performance in GarageBand.

Video Description:

"We're Trying to Have a Society Here" is a song by Pete Johns, recorded 100% in GarageBand on my iPhone. The video was created on iPhone using LumaFusion.

Watch the channel for information about when the song will be released on streaming platforms, but for now, here's the complete lyric video.

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