Symphony Pro Update & Sale

Symphony Pro got its first update in over a year, but makes up for lost time with a big one and a big sale. Sale ends today!

Symphony Pro iTunes Description:

  • Completely redesigned and re-engineered, with an easier to use interface and a new app icon
  • Full retina display support
  • Create and edit guitar tabs
  • Up to 45 staffs per project
  • Multi-touch guitar and bass instruments
  • Many more dynamics, articulations, and expressions
  • Additional glyphs for entering chord symbols
  • Continuous horizontal scrolling mode and adjustable page scale
  • Improved project management. Lock a project to prevent changes or mark it as a favorite to keep it at the top of the bookshelf
  • Control the volume level of each track in the Mixer menu
  • Customizable track groupings
  • New backward and forward buttons next to the play button to jump to the beginning or the end of the current project easily
  • Toggle concert pitch on or off if there are transposing instruments
  • Recording mode count-in options. Looped playback now also affects recording mode
  • Built-in and customizable track templates
  • Bass guitars are now in the ‘Guitars’ category
  • Double accidentals and double and triple dots are accessible with an expandable pop-out menu on the main sidebar
  • Important stability and performance fixes
  • Buy Symphony Pro on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

    Here is a review by Tech in Music Education.

    Alba Ecstasy INKONTACT - 85 Sunrizer Presets

    Alba Ecstasy has released his 4th Sunrizer preset pack. This one is exploring some very dark and gritty textures, for €2.99.

    Buy INKONTACT – 85 Presets for Sunrizer at Alba Ecstasy: €2.99

    SunVox Syncing a Korg Monotribe

    The Korg Monotribe is often used with iOS apps when paired with WIST and the Korg SyncKontrol app, but the way the SyncKontrol app actually syncs the Monotribe is with simple pulses. SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov figured he'd just directly sync his Monotribe with Sunvox by sending the pulses himself; without MIDI or WIST.

    Video Description:

    No MIDI used. Only iPad analog audio output: the left channel for the sound, and the right channel for the sync pulses (plugged in to the Monotribe Sync In).

    Buy SunVox on iTunes: $4.99

    Mode Machines xoxbox

    Mode Machines has released their xoxbox app, a software version of the popular TB-303 clone! In many respects this is exactly like the 303 clone I would make, but only because I am bad at programming.

    My fellow bloggers were quick to dismiss this app, and it is easy to see how with an incessant nag screen to get you to Like them on Facebook, and a little "Mode Machines" sample that plays over your music every 30 seconds. I think most of their objections are unfounded though, and through experimentation discovered that you can stop the nags by hitting the Like Us button.

    Be warned however, that the first time I did that it completely locked up my iPad requiring a hard reset. On the second time it launched by browser where I promptly ignored their Facebook page and returned to the app without any further nagging.

    Mode Machines xoxbox iTunes Description:

    XoxBox is now on the ipad!

    This is a software emulation of the Mode Machines xoxbox- Enjoy!

    Buy Mode Machines xoxbox on iTunes: Free (Nagware)

    Despite reports to the contrary on Twitter; the Accent, Cut Off, and Resonance are working, for me at least. I did notice a clicking sound on the Filter Envelope even when the Decay was set high. In addition to crashing when I first tried to Like Us, it also crashed during launch once. Also the app completely lacks Audiobus, MIDI, and will not save your patterns. Perhaps even more annoying than all of those is the fact that it runs in Portrait display mode sideways... and in the opposite direction from where the iPad Smart-cover props up your iPad so you've got to flip it around.

    Any one of its faults could be forgiven if it had Audiobus support, because despite all that, it does sound pretty good. Most 303 enthusiasts believe any 303 clone must have some effects to truly sizzle; such as delay, reverb, or at the very least an overdrive. This would be amazing in Echo Pad or Turnado.

    As an example of what the app could sound like in either of those Audiobus Effect apps, here is my latest song which features the TT-303 running through the Sunsine Audio's Vanishing Point and dripping with reverb. This isn't really relevant, but it amuses me to abuse my control over the media, and I spent a week on the video effects so this needs to get more views to justify that. There is an actual demo video for the app, but it is boring and uses the camera mic.

    Sound Wand MIDI Updated with Virtual MIDI!

    Sound Wand MIDI got a nice big update today, and a classy demo video of it playing classical instruments.

    What's new in Sound Wand MIDI v1.1.0:

    • Massively improved connection setup, including auto-detect
    • 3 new motion trackers: Shake, Shuffle & Play Intensity
    • Virtual MIDI support - play other apps with SW Midi!
    • Improved MIDI setup, including CC# Learn Wizard

    Previously updated:

    • Pitch bend support
    • Polyphonic, Legato, and Glissando play modes

    Enjoy! It's still early days with this project so get in touch if you have any issues or questions and I'll reply ASAP:

    Buy Sound Wand MIDI on iTunes: $9.99

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