Stage for EigenD

The Eigenharp is an interesting electronic instrument that ranges in price from £459.00, for little more than a Korg NanoKey with poly-aftertouch, all the way up to £4950.00 for a staggering amount of beautiful buttons.

If you have one, you can now use it with your iOS devices!

Buy Stage for EigenD on iTunes: $29.99

MIDI Control and Secret Base Design Sales!

Secret Base Design have released the new Universal app MIDI Control, along with a $1 sale on VoxKit and Audio MIDI Connect!

iTunes Description:

If you have more than one iOS synthesizer app, MIDI Control will change how you make music. By using Virtual MIDI, you can play more than one app at at time; play a bass line with one app using the lower keyboard, while you play a lead with a different app on the upper keyboard.

MIDI control allows you to mix and match, with the whole range of iOS music apps at once. Play Animoog with Magellan, Sunrizer with BS-16i, or Cassini, Arctic Keys, and Thumbjam, all at once. You can even take advantage of the synths and samples from GarageBand and SampleTank.

The keyboards also rotate around, allowing two people to play using one device.

In addition to the iOS synths, you can also connect to external equipment using CoreMIDI or DSMI.

For musicians who use sheet music, the app allows you to import PDF files. Keep track of music, transcriptions, song lyrics and set lists, right under your finger tips while you play.

Buy MIDI Control on iTunes: $0.99

Buy Audio Midi Connect on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)


Buy VoxKit! on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)

Improvisation: SampleTank, iRig Stomp, GeoSynth

Long-time reader, Tim Behrens, put up a great new jam. He's got a lot of gear in there, but the heart of it all is his iPad!

Video Description:

Part II of my demonstration, showing how I am using an iPad, iRig Stomp, a camera connection kit, and usb controllers to get studio quality sounds out into the wild. Everything was recorded live using IK Multimedia's Sampletank, a Boss RC-20 Loop Station, Korg PadKontrol, Axiom 49, and a guitar running through the iRig.

There is also a Part I, where he walks through his gear used in this performance.

Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale)


Buy Geo Synth on iTunes: $9.99

Echo Pad Released

Holderness Media, makers of Waviary, are back with a new Universal effects app. This comes with a lot of tutorial videos to help you get going. In addition to AudioCopy/Paste, I believe this is the first third-party app to support Kymatica's AudioShare export.

iTunes Description:

Echo Pad is a realtime Echo effect processor featuring a unique delay + sound on sound looper controlled by a multi-touch XY interface on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device. 

Use the built in mic on your headphones, plug in a guitar, microphone, synth, drum machine, iOS device, or whatever you want using an audio interface such as the Apogee Jam or MIC, or one of the many other compatible iOS and USB audio interfaces.

Echo Pad is a Universal app that supports Audio Copy/Paste (General Pasteboard) for quickly sharing loops and recordings created with Echo Pad with other audio apps, as well as playing back and processing pasted audio from other apps through Echo Pad's effects. You can also export a loop or recording directly into the AudioShare file management app by using the "Export to AudioShare" functions. This exports your loop or recording directly into the AudioShare app without needing to use AudioCopy/Paste, for a super fast workflow.

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $2.99

I've embedded a whole big playlist of 10 videos, which starts with the overview and goes into the tutorials.

WOPR Synth Released

WOPR is a new polyphonic synthesizer that uses Conway's Game of Life (cellular automata) to drive a modulation matrix.

iTunes Description:

WOPR is a polyphonic, stereo virtual analog synthesizer with totally unique evolving modulation driven by vintage 1970s cellular automata.

Nope! I'm stopping right there. The algorithm is vintage? Does that make Pi retro? Really? Really... alright it still sounds interesting, I'll keep going.

iTunes Description:

It's made for iPad 2 or later only.

WOPR is a seriously powerful analog, but what sets it apart is its modulation grid: you paint a pattern of cells into a grid, set the tempo, hit 'run' and let the cellular automata evolve your pattern. You link areas of the grid to any of the synth's parameters and your patches come to life, rhythmically pulsating as the patterns shift with each beat. Constrain parameters to ranges for tight control over rhythmic modulation, or set them free to dynamically breed new patches.

Being a virtual analogue synthesizer, we'd be remiss if we didn't include some allusion to the past. Here it is: the modulation grid is a bona fide 1970s invention called Conway's Game of Life. Look it up, marvel at the infinite variety of patterns, geek out on the math, then put them to work twisting knobs in WOPR.

Buy WOPR on iTunes: $0.99

Hipster math aside, this does sound genuinely interesting, and it is only a buck!

It is a shame they don't have a video up. At the bottom of the iTunes description they give hints about the name's meaning and reference David Lightman. This was Matthew Broderick's character in War Games, which featured the War Operation Plan Response (WOPR) computer. The only possible connection I can think of was that there were several points in which the computer was speaking through a voice synthesizer.

So here is that instead!

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