iOS Update Vol. 41: Antelope Audio Orion 32

If you need some more inputs and outputs you could go with the silly little 2-in/2-out boxes for around $100-300, but that's rookie shit. Sweetwater iOS Update shows off the $3000 with the Antelope Audio Orion which gives you 32 ins and 32 outs!

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Live Guitar Update

Secret Base Design's Live Guitar got an updated to the audio engine and a new demo video.

What's new in Live Guitar v1.5:

  • Replaced a guitar sample to remove fret buzz.
  • Expanded the strum detection region.
  • Fixed a MIDI issue that prevented the app from working with Chordion.
  • Improvements to the audio engine.

Buy Live Guitar on iTunes: $4.99

Derek Buddemeyer - Tone on the Go

Reader Derek Buddemeyer has posted this promotional video for JamUp Pro, showing off his Tone on the Go.

Right now their is a 50%-off sale in the JamUp IAP store on all expansion packs and the new 8-Track recorder.

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Touch Music Podcast - Episode 3

Chip Boaz from iOS Music and You, Sean Walker from iOS Musician, and myself recorded the third episode of the Touch Music Podcast! It's just the three of us talking about apps and the highlights of what's been going on in the last month.

This new format is much more manageable, so we're keeping to a monthly schedule... instead of a biannual one.

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Tutorial: Automating Turnado's Dictator

One of the most impressive features in Sugar Bytes Turnado is the Dictator, a kind of "super knob" for all of the effects in Turnado with key-frames similar to those used in video animation. This provides the ability to make dramatic changes to your active effects, with a simple interface for managing and controlling them all at once.

saveas909 posted this tutorial to /r/iPadMusic, on using BeatMaker 2 with Turnado's MIDI Learn to automate changes in Dictator.

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