Tabletop updated with free Recording Device

Tabletop has received an update which has added the "Magic Mic". This is a free recording device for all Tabletop users. Also in this update is a T-Pain effect from iZotope, for $5.99 as an In-App Purchase. It is unclear if this is included for people who bought the All You Can Eat bundle option, that was added to the IAP Store in May.

iZotop is well regarded in professional circles for their Ozone and RX mastering tools. Last year they released The T-Pain Effect plugin for PC/Mac. Now a full 6 years after T-Pain's gimmick has peaked, you too can slather auto-tune all over your tracks!

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Free

Semi-official word from Moog on Animoog Update

Over on the KVR Mobile forum, member Breeze posted a reply he received from Moog about the Animoog update. There are some great details in here, especially for saving your presets!

Due to high volume of e-mails relating to the latest Animoog update, the following is a general outline of how to solve the issue and what to expect in the coming week:

1) If you have already updated and the app isn't opening, DON'T delete it right away if you have custom presets you want to save. There is a free program called i-FunBox (for Mac and Windows) that you can use to offload your presets to a computer for safe-keeping first:

2) If you don't have any custom presets or if you've saved them already, deleting the app and re-downloading (for free) from the App Store will get it running again. i-FunBox is the easiest way to load your presets back into Animoog, as well. You can also create a .zip file containing your presets folder, and use iTunes File Sharing and the "Import Presets" button on the Animoog setup page to restore saved presets. Drop the zipped presets folder into the Animoog File Sharing window in iTunes, then open Animoog and do Import Presets.

3) Animoog v1.1.1 has already been submitted and will fix all of these issues. Apple has just approved this update, so the new version should be coming online within 24 hrs. If you prefer, you can just wait for the next update and it should make everything right. No further action is required and no presets will be lost. I would anticipate the v1.1.1 update should be available via the App Store by this time next week; possibly sooner.

Further information:
*There was an outage with the server that hosts the In-App Purchases, but it should be back up within 24 hrs. Once it is back up, you should be able to access all purchases again.

*If you have purchased the MIDI Out expansion and are using the Alesis IO Dock, you may need to update the firmware on your device. Older IO Dock firmware can cause missed and stuck notes with the latest version of the Animoog. To update your device, go here:
(downloads and updates tab)

Excellent news! That bit about when the 1.1.1 update is coming out seems confused, as in one sentence it says within 24 hours, and then later it is, "by this time next week; possibly sooner."

It is also odd that we're getting this info third-hand, but at least we're getting some acknowledgement from them beyond changing the iTunes description to include a warning. It would have been nice if they came out and immediatly got in front of this by just saying, "Everyone stay calm, the update will make sure you can keep your presets!"

Meteor Multitrack Recorder adds EQ on each track

Reader ChrisG let me know that Meteor got a nice little update today! The update adds a 3 Band Parametric EQ to each track.

This might seem like a simple addition, but being able to selectably EQ out the lows/mids/highs on a track will really clean up your mix.

What's new:

• Added 3 Band Parametric EQ to each mixer track.
• Added Instrument Browser
• Fixed an Issue with Multitasking Audio
• Various Optimisations

Buy Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $19.99

I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't point out this has a shit load of IAPs for plugins. Some of which are quite high at $12 and $15! This isn't exactly a "Poor man's Auria" so don't go clicking on that link too quickly, thinking you'll get it all for $20.

Megellan Tutorial #1: Dual Synths

Yonac have begun a series of tutorial videos to help users get the most out of thier massive synth, Magellan for iPad.

This is a well produced tutorial. They have a good angle on the screen for seeing fingers tweaking things, while the labels are mostly legible in 720p HD. Also, a voice over is always preferable to on-screen text; you can pay attention to what's going on instead of trying to speed-read and watch the action. Nicely done, Yonac, I'm looking forward to more!

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

bleep!BOX updated... just for me!

I usually don't post minor updates and fixes, but I'd feel like a dick not posting this one. I found a really obscure MIDI channel bug, when playing with bleep!BOX in Genome. White Noise Audio developer David Wallin, was kind enough to fix that for me. In beta testing the fix it revealed an even more obscure bug with background audio. Now both of those have been fixed, so bleep!BOX is playing very nicely with Genome!

Buy bleep!BOX on iTunes: $9.99

If you haven't checked it out yet, this is one of my favorite apps for quick acid jams. It has a whole bunch of drum and synth parts and everything is synthesized with lots of parameters. I love the note input, and other controls, that make using this step-sequencer on the iPad work well. It is like ReBirth actually designed for the iPad!

I haven't really posted a lot of music from bleep!BOX, I just use it for my own amusement, but here is a video of me goofing around.

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