Addictive Synth Makes Noise in Version 2

The additive synthesizer, Addictive Synth, is nearly a year old and is still one of my favorite synths on the iPad. This is absolutely the first app I turn to when I want to make some aggressive sounds. I am really excited to hear that VirSyn is getting ready to release version 2, which will be adding even more bite to this baby's harmonic teeth.

The new version brings a "Spectral Noise Generator", which sounds awesome, but they don't provide many details on what the fuck that actually means. From watching their video, it looks like a noise oscilator that is following the harmonic spectrum of the pitched oscilators. This allows all of the morphing goodness to play with the noise generator, which keeps an otherwise chaotic mess in sync. That's just my guess though, watch the video below to see whatever it is in action!

Put on some headphones, this has some nice stuff going on the stereo spectrum too.

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bleep!BOX Update + Jam Video

I wish someone had told me about bleep!BOX earlier. I might have based the first 5 episodes of ECPM off this instead of technoBox! Similar to Rebirth and technoBox2, as a complete studio with multiple synth and drum parts, this blows both away. It beats Rebirth out in ease of use, and technoBox2 in terms of both the sounds it produces and the control it provides. This is a complete synthesis solution for beat making, without relying on tired old 808 drum samples. 

The new update pushes this even further ahead of the competion, offering both MIDI sync and triggering. As you might expect of an App from White Noise Audio, makers of Genome MIDI Sequencer, the MIDI support is complete with a full virtual MIDI implementation. This is something I have sorely desired of technoBox2, but has yet to be implemented.

This came at a great time for me too, as I was in the mood for an acid jam. The video below was done in my first hour of playing with it. For people who like step sequencers, but hate stepping through the steps this is so easy to use. It took all of about 3 minutes to program in this month's pattern from the Monthly Acid Pattern group on SoundCloud.

Buy bleep!BOX on iTunes: $4.99

Good News!

Good news everyone! I'm covering the news! Based on the astounding amount of traffic I've been getting here, I've decided to invest a lot more time in this site.

In addition to all of the original content you're used to seeing, I will begin to do a lot of regular mobile music news. Rather than just regurgitate press releases at you though, I'll be doing it in my own style with a lot of in-depth and hands-on play time!

I'm even opening up the site to your submissions, with the handy new "Submit Stories" link over in the sidebar. If you've got a jam you've been working on, or something you want covered let me know about it! For music submissions please keep quality high, so I don't feel like an asshole when I have to reject stuff.

Observant readers will have noticed that in order to help me make all of this happen, I've opened up the site to sponsorship.

Everyone Can Play Music #16: Synthesizing Snare Drums

Snare drums are an important part of the rhythm, so I'll show you how to get them punching!
Sponsored by Audanika, makers of SoundPrism Pro.

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Everyone Can Play Music #15: Kick Drum Synthesis Basics

In this lesson we start to explore the drum synthesis parts in Korg iMS-20, with lots of various kick drum sounds.


Synthesis! Synthesis everywhere!

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