Jordan Rudess Appreciation Day!

Jordan Rudess is, without a doubt, the most influential and successful musician involved in mobile music making. We see so much of him he just feels like one of us, but today, his 55th birthday, I think we should appreciate his contributions to our community!

Jordan is the vanguard of instrument technology!

Seen here with MorphWiz on Windows 8.

Jordan has been on 12 Dream Theater albums, 12 solo albums, and countless smaller projects. Somehow between his hellacious touring schedule he always finds time to record little videos showing off some new app or keyboard technique on his YouTube channel.

While many, myself included, have given him a hard time about how much gear he pimps, he is genuine with his app enthusiasm. I've spoken with some developers who've had their apps featured on his channel and none of them have paid a dime for his endorsement.

Jordan is truly committed to expanding our concept of instruments and what it means to play them. From championing the Hakken Continuum, to his expanding roster of apps produced by his Wizdom Music team, Jordan has shown us incredible new ways of playing music.

In addition to all of the fun and insights you've brought us, we also gain legitimacy from your presence in the community.

On behalf of everyone: Thank you, Jordan! Happy birthday!

iterator - repeaterDS for iPad

repeaterDS is one of the classic Nintendo DS homebrew music apps, offering some very fun and very glitchy sample playback. Today it arrives on iPad as an app called iterator! This is from the original DS developer, who also made glitchDS!

Thanks to Rafael for bringing this to my attention!

iTunes Description:

iterator is an inspiring sample based musical instrument with a stylistic interface. The premise is simple: The x-axis controls the sample playback position. The y-axis controls the repeat speed. The result is surprisingly musical.

Create your own soundscapes using any of the built-in 75+ samples from over 25 artists, including Richard Devine, Parallel Worlds, Toppobrillo, Atomic Shadow, and many more. Or, supply your own .mp3s through iTunes.

Buy iterator on iTunes: $3.99

I've made a playlist for all of the demos, embedded here.

Sleazy Bullshit Marketing Now Available for iOS!

Sean from iDeck Technologies is proud to present the most deceptive marketing video for iOS to date!

While demonstrating their new Latency Compensation™, coming to MIDI Deck 2, he sinks to new depths:

  • While claiming it is the fastest MIDI over WiFi, he doesn't want to get into "the technicalities!"
  • Claims his super-low-latency nonsense is going through a router instead of Ad Hoc.
  • Claims 0ms latency, which is great since a wireless connection through a router will have at least 2-3ms.

The pinnacle on this mountain of bullshit is definitely their demonstration where they turn off the magic. With the push of a button he suddenly has a ridiculous amount of latency. How does it happen? Science!

Anyone with TouchOSC or any of the other MIDI apps will see through this immediately, because no one has that much latency over WiFi. iDeck Technologies is only preying on the naive and people new to iOS.

Chordion Adds MIDI Support!

Chordion, an interesting instrument interface for iPad, now supports MIDI. This includes Virtual MIDI!

What's new:

  • new MIDI mode!
  • optimizations
  • minor bug fixes
  • fixed issue with diminished chords
  • fixed color of mixer icon on startup
  • improved note management with chord buttons
  • fixed issue with file names

Buy Chordion on iTunes: $3.99

Developer, Olympia Noise, uploaded a tutorial video to demonstrate Virtual MIDI connections.

Grain Science Updated for iPhone 5, Custom Reverb

Wooji Juice has released a new update for Grain Science, the innovative granular synthesizer.

What's new:

  • Updated for iOS 6
  • Updated to take advantage of larger iPhone 5/iPod touch (5th generation) screen
  • New: Custom reverb mode: direct control over reverb unit parameters
  • New: Custom piano key sizes
  • New: MIDI damper pedal (sustain) support
  • Fix: Crash that could occur when using the Performance Panel to reselect the current instrument
  • Fix: Minor graphical & UI issues

Buy Grain Science on iTunes: $9.99

Note that although this has been "Updated for iOS 6" it will still install on 5.1! Here is my increasingly outdated review.

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