Tabletop's New Pricing Details

Yesterday's update to Tabletop brought "Bundles" which were aimed at discounting all of the In-App Purchases, making it a lot more affordable to unlock everything. Reader Telengard commented that he got different bundled offers based on how many previous device purchases he restored. I emailed Dan over at Retroynms for clarification and I'm pretty excited by the news!

First off, Tabletop is going to stay free and will not be returning to $14.99 or even $9.99, as it was previously. That right there removes the biggest criticism of an app that expects so much in In-App Purchases, while double-dipping on an initial purchase price.

For $30 you can unlock everything with their first-tier bundle. If you've ever purchased anything in the past that price will come down for you. The amount of your personal discount is based on how many devices remain for you to purchase, bringing your personal price to one of their 6 bundle tiers: $30, $25, $20, $15, $10, $5.

The way that works exactly is, as Dan put's it:

"We add up the prices of the un-purchased devices for the customer, take 50% off, then round to the nearest bundle."
So make sure you've restored all of your past purchases before trying to do a bundle deal, or it won't know how much to discount!

Honestly, as much as I love to rib these guys, I think this is about as fair as they can do it. iTunes can't tell them how much you bought the app for when it was sold at $14.99 or $9.99, so they can't discount based on your initial purchase. They also don't know if you bought any of the IAPs when they were on sale, so they can't calculate exactly how much you've spent on those either. Doing this based on how much is left to you is really their only option, and since they are taking 50%-off that seems like a reasonable deal.

Tabletop just went from being something like $70+ for everything, to a single-purchase $30 app. I sympathize with people who have spent more than $30 on this in the past, but as is often the case, prices eventually come down.

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Free

iConnectMIDI Demo Video

iConnectivity has posted an elaborate demonstration of how to use their iConnectMIDI hardware to bring 5 USB-MIDI controllers into an iPad with iConnectMIDI via a USB Hub.

It is a cool video, but I can't tell what iConnectMIDI is actually doing in this scenario. Can't we do the same thing with just the powered USB Hub going into the iPad directly? Saving $180 in the process.

I asked iConnectivity that same question yesterday, but they didn't get back to me...

Buy Music Studio on iTunes: $14.99

Samson Carbon 49 USB MIDI Keyboard with iPad "Dock"

Akai better get that SynthStation49 out soon, as the imitators are beating them to the market. Samson's Carbon 49 is $89 and you can actually buy it now! The dock is more of a tray, or a slit, or just about the laziest possible way to pimp your keyboard for iPad compatibility. It can be directly powered by the iPad though, so they definitely got that part right.

Samson has some promo-videos on their site. They show it on the beaches of LA, and busking at a NYC Subway station, but all of the music in those promos come from the bundled Native Instruments Elements and not the iPad jamming we see in the video.

Instead, here's a more informative video of it at NAMM from UniqueSquared featuring DJ MadFlip, described by YouTube commentor THX11003 as, "This Asian dude is very fuckable." He is cute, but I think he needs to commit to the Mohawk and shave the sides, but at least he is, "Coming correct!"

Tabletop now supports AudioCopy

Retronym's has updated Tabletop with some cool new features.

• CloudSeeder - access the Tabletop Community
• Audio Copy - collaborate with other Apps!
• Module Bundles - great discounts!

I haven't bothered to reinstall this, so I'm not sure how great those discounts are... their iTunes page indicates that basic instruments still run between $6-$10.

SoundCloud CloudSeeder support is nice, and AudioCopy is always a welcomed addition, but all of my previous criticisms remain. It really needs some kind of sequencer/piano-roll for the non-step-sequenced instruments and CoreMIDI. To be fair, a lot of people seem to enjoy this app, You can certainly make some music without buying the In-App Purchases, and it is a very pretty app.

Tabletop is still free, so at least you don't have to pay $15 to find out you need to pay another $45 for most of the functionality... as all of their early customers had to find out the hard-way.

Update: Telengard checked out the bundle deals and posted about it in the comments section here. It seems like you can unlock everything for $25, but it will lower that price if you have already purchased instruments. Make sure you have "restored purchases" on the iPad you're trying to do this from though, in order for the corrected price to display.

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $9.99)

Genome Sequencer MASSIVE MIDI Jam!

The always impressive Jim McLaren has posted a great example of using Genome with multiple devices and even a hardware synth. He does a great job of explaining how he's got it all connected and routed, and then goes on to put it to good use!

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is my Genome Tutorial video to help you get started!

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