Nicki Minaj - Starships (iPad/Synth cover)

I wasn't familiar with Nicki Minaj, or YouTuber Vito Astone, but I'm going to keep my ears open for both after watching this wild video! I couldn't decide if I wanted to headbob or headbang, by the end of this rocking electro.

Looks like Sylo Synth and Music Studio are in there, but I have no idea what the Korg Nano is feeding or what keyboard that is.

Update: Found the original song here. I prefer Vito's version.

Big update for GlitchBreaks!

GlitchBreaks 1.02 is out with all bugs fixed and some great user requested features! I've been helping out with the beta on this one to make sure all of the bugs with 1.0 have been resolved. Seal of Approval goes here.

Among the new features is that the GlitchPad is more dynamic! It will now glitch-out wherever the playhead is instead of going back to the loop start. This is a lot of fun!

Also requested and implemented is Index tracking. Now when you're going wild on the glitch pad, reverse, or loop mod GlitchBreaks will keep track of where it would be in the beat. As soon as you lay-off the glitching it will snap back to the correct time position. This makes it much easier to get some good sounds out of the app, since it will be keeping the beat!

Here's a recent track I did while tinkering with the beta:

Buy GlitchBreaks on iTunes: $4.99

$100 iTunes Gift Card for $80

I realize a site like mine can end up costing you a lot of money, so I'm always looking for deals to help out. Reader Kevin sent in a nice deal going on at Best Buy, where you can get $100 Gift Cards for only $80. This is for digital delivery, so you'll have it immediately.

As Kevin notes, "Save 20%, additionally, I buy when the apps are on sale." Good planning ahead if you know you're probably going to be spending $100 on apps anyhow.

Animoog sale!

Both versions of Moog's Animoog are on sale now! Big discounts here too, not no measly 50%-off! This is a great opportunity to snap up either version if you're missing one.... because you know you want both!

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $9.99 (On sale, $29.99)

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)

This is in celebration of Bob Moog's birthday, and will run until May 29th.

They've also released a video of students playing with Animoog at their store. #CelebrateBob

Play Piano for Kids iPad eBook

I realize quite a lot of you are parents, and I wouldn't blame you for keeping the smaller ones away from my ECPM lessons. However, if you want to vicariously get your kids involved in music this might be a good place to start.

Play Piano for Kids Vol. 1 is a $0.99 iPad interactive eBook designed by a Piano teacher, Andrew Ingkavet. Here's a video of him talking about how the program works.

You can find our more information on his website. It looks like everything, including membership is free!

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