Tutorial: Intro to Meteor Multitrack Recorder

Ryan from iOS MARS has produced a tutorial for Meteor, where he puts together a cover of Slayer's classic South of Heaven.

Buy Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $19.99

AeroMIDI - Minority Report MIDI for Leap

Fans of touch interfaces have been keeping an eye on Leap, the $80 device that tracks your fingers through 3D space with a high level of precision. AeroMIDI is the first to announce a Leap app specifically for music. Here is a demo by the developer, whose finger-wiggling makes music in much the same way iPad app aficionados do. AeroMIDI is expected to be available in August.

Mee Zanook - I Am Nave

Mee Zanook built a cool song out of the "I am Nave" preset in Waldorf Nave, with some great video editing to make it interesting.

The introductory sale ends tomorrow, and then Nave goes up to $20, so if you haven't gotten this yet you should!

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Meteor Multitrack Video Scoring Demo

Ryan from iOS MARS did a detailed demo of the new video plugin in Meteor Multitrack Recorder, which allows you to compose musical scores from your iPad! This is a fantastic new feature and may give an entirely new life to Meteor. Scoring software is prohibitively expensive on PC/Mac, but this IAP is just $3!

Buy Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $19.99

Echo Pad Updated with New Smooth Filter Effect

Echo Pad development has been keeping a brisk pace this year, with a new free effect added just about every month!

What's new in Echo Pad v1.4.4:

  • new effect: Smooth Filter (input filter)
  • new random preset generator buttons create a random preset when pressed. The button labeled "???" generates "safer" presets with no distortion/decimation/etc. The button labeled "!@#?" allows distortion/decimation and is more unpredictable. Tap on either button until you hear something you like!
  • added options to select inputs when using 2 channel USB audio interfaces: Input 1+2 (stereo, default), Input 1 or Input 2
  • fixed a bug with loops that were exported from the main looper

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $3.99

Here is the demo from last month, showing off the stereo input mode added in the previous version.

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