Bassline & MoDrum Updates!

I've been harping on Finger Pro about the need for Panning in MoDrum for ages! Happy days are here at last, as today's update includes this handy feature. I was playing with it and this really makes a huge difference. It is especially nice while Virtual MIDI Sync'd to Bassline, when everything isn't crammed down the center! I've had to take back most of the mean things I said about it in the Buyer's Guide.


• Allow manual start/stop while synced to external MIDI clock
• Added MIDI clock jitter reduction
• Fixed bug in sequences longer than 42 steps

Buy BassLine on iTunes: $3.99


• Stereo Processing (Pan)
• Reverb Processor (iOS 5+)
• x0x style Handclap Synth
• Rimshot "Drive" parameter
• Bass Drum "Time" parameter
• Allow manual Start/Stop while sync'd to external MIDI clock
• OMAC Fast Switch sender support
• Audio Sharing via "Open in..."
• Various bugfixes and improvements

Buy MoDrum on iTunes: $5.99

Genome Features Coming in 1.1.1

White Noise Audio developer, David Wallin, has posted the planned features coming to Genome in the next update. Chief among them is MIDI Learn, so that any external controller you have plugged into your iPad can launch clips or transport buttons.

The blue outlines indicate that each clip can be mapped to a unique MIDI control. You could potentially get something like the Launchpad configured to launch patterns in Genome while it is in the background!

Also coming in this version:

  • Added Song navigation buttons (MIDI bindable). Rewind, previous, next and end.
  • Revamped pattern info dialog to add tabs and make more readable.
  • New Pattern Option: Launch Quantization for controlling when patterns can begin playing.
  • Options are: 1 / 2 / 4 bars or 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th notes.
  • New Pattern Option: One-shot flag. Pattern plays once then turns itself off.
  • Genome can open .SNG files from email or another app now.
  • Fixed issue where updating pattern name doesn’t update pattern button text right away.
  • Fast Switch – fixed text length issues.

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99

AudioShare offers a simple way to manage your audio on iOS

BitWiz head Wiz Jonatan Liljedhal has addressed a big problem we've all faced with iOS. Since the file system is hidden to us, unless you jailbreak, managing different audio samples is limited to fighting with competing audio copy standards and using iTunes' dreaded file sharing. AudioShare aims to change all of that with a little $2 Universal app!

Use it to transfer soundfiles between apps and between your device and computer. For example, take a soundfile from your dropbox, open it in AudioShare and share it on SoundCloud. Or audiocopy sounds from your favorite music-making app and import into the AudioShare library for later sharing or copying into other apps.

You can also record directly in the app, and preview and play soundfiles with waveform display.


  • Record directly in app
  • AudioPaste
  • "Open in" from other app (like DropBox, Mail,BitWiz, etc)
  • iTunes file sharing


  • Playback directly in app
  • AudioCopy
  • SoundCloud upload
  • "Open in" another app (like DropBox, etc)
  • Send by email
  • iTunes file sharing

Unfortunately it only supports (Intua) General Pasteboard at this time, but Jonatan notes that Sonoma's AudioCopy/Paste is coming soon. It is kind of disappointing that this is not in the 1.0 release. Trying to get samples from apps that use the different Audio Copy standards is a pain in the ass, and easily the most annoying thing about managing audio on iOS. I recommend Hokusai for this purpose, but that requires an IAP for the added functionality. You may be better off waiting for this to get updated. The developer does have a good track record of supporting his apps, with 5 updates to BitWiz in the last 2 months!

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $1.99

iYM2151 Update

The fearsome iYM2151 got a little update today. This update adds new demo songs and some preset tones.

Despite my own reservations about this synth, people are putting it to very good use. Here is an amazing cover song by YouTuber Gm7add9, from PC-8801 game The Scheme, composed by Yuzo Koshiro.

Buy iYM2151 Sequencer on iTunes: $34.99

Synthy iPhone Cover

Marcus over at found this great little gem on Amazon. Popkiller Synthesizer Phone Case for iPhone 4 / 4S.


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