Moog Filtatron is $0.99!

Moog's first app, Filtatron, is on sale now for just a buck!

This Universal effect app is primarily intended as a super Moogerfooger, for you to run audio in through an interface. If you do not have an interface you can import whole tracks from your iTunes library. There is also an oscillator that you can kind of play with, using an X/Y pad.

The primary effect in this app is a filter, which can be envelope and LFO controlled. There is also an Amp with drive and feedback along with a delay. Presets and included samples give you a good idea of what you can accomplish with it.

It can be fun to import a loop and mangle it in there, or turn on the VCO release and jam with the X/Y pad, though I don't know if I'd recommend buying it for that. I would recommend it emphatically if you have an interface to run instruments through though!

Buy Filtatron on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

Here is a demo of it with a modular synth. The action starts around 3 minutes in.

Impaktor Walk-through

Nakano Syun has a video walk-through exploring Impaktor, which was released yesterday by BeepStreet.

My translation of the YouTube description:

This synthesizer converts impact sounds near the iPhone microphone, into percussive instruments. The concept of this application is splendid.

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

nanoloop R

For obvious reasons, I don't cover ringtone generators, but I have to make an exception here! This particular ringtone generator is from, Oliver Wittchow, the original developer of nanoloop for the Game Boy!

nanoloop R is a stripped down version designed for making ringtones.

How stripped down? Completely! There is nothing you can do with this, other than hit the New button and hope for something useful. It'll generate two tones and run them through a fast tremelo. If you do get something you like, you can save it. Since Apple won't let you install ringtones from an app you'll then reimport them to your iPhone through iTunes.

All of this seems like a terrible idea, but once again, original developer of the Game Boy nanoloop! This guy is so smart he even knew this was a bad idea. Instead of just releasing this app, he has also released a free version you can play with on the web:

You can't buy nanoloop R on iTunes: Because they yanked it just as I was about to post this!

DR-OM: Drone-Om Synth

I nearly missed this in all of the excitement yesterday! MATRIXSYNTH found a whole bunch of videos for DR-OM, a Universal app that replicates the infinitely hackable DR-OM hardware. This is a neat drone machine, meaning there are no notes. Just knobs!

Glorious knobs! This is from Fluxama. These are the same guys who make Noisemusick; a well received noise maker.

Buy DR-OM on iTunes: $1.99

Instrumental is 50% off!

Instrumental, MIDI control surface for iPad, is down to $5! This is handy for folks who want to use their iPads to control other gear or computer DAWs, but don't want to screw around with making templates in TouchOSC and Lemur.

Everything is assigned for you in 6 different surface screens.

  • Piano
  • Wicki-Hayden hexagonal keyboard
  • 4x4 drumpad
  • 16 channel mixer
  • Plus 2 completely generic pages

All of which can be sent over WiFi or CoreMIDI.

Buy Instrumental on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Has anyone used this? Let us know how it is in the comments!

Here is a demo from the developer. He certainly makes it look fun.

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