TriqTraq + mini-KP Jam

While looking up mini-kaosspad videos, I came across this fun jam from churulin that uses TriqTraq with the tiny Korg effect box.

Buy triqtraq on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

GetConnected: iOS Music

GetConnected, on the Canadian TV channel Business News Network, ran a feature on iOS Music and other new music technology. While none of this will be news to people who read this site, except possibly the Yamaha EZ-AG, it is still great to see TV shows taking a serious interest in our hobby!

The segment begins at 4:00 in, and ends at 12:00 with a painful hunting and pecking keyboard jam.

Tears of Time - Drumjam & Scape Improv

Ryouichi Harada, featured here yesterday for his Gestrument video, has a whole lot of iOS jam videos on his YouTube channel.

Here is a particularly good one with Drumjam and Scape!

Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $7.99


Buy Scape on iTunes: $5.99

ReBirth for iPad Updated!

Now that Propellerhead have their own iOS development team, they've brought ReBirth back home! Originally developed by Tabletop's Retroynms, this reincarnation of ReBirth from Propellerhead brings some great new features including MIDI Sync!

Note this update is only for the iPad version, so far. Thanks to Angel for the heads-up!

What's new:

  • Duo Mode - flip instruments around and jam with a friend on the same iPad
  • MIDI sync - sync ReBirth to your DAW, MIDI hardware or other apps
  • Background mode - keep ReBirth playing in the background when slaved to other apps
  • SoundCloud Sharing - share your ReBirth music on SoundCloud
  • iTunes export - export your track to iTunes on your computer
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)


The Duo mode, pictured here, is actually amazingly cool. You can drag around the instruments, so you and a buddy can each rock a 303 and then pick your favorite drum machine. Or make your buddy the drummer, and greedily horde both of the 303s for yourself.

If you're unfamiliar with ReBirth, it is a resurrection of a classic PC/Mac app, that was itself a reborn version of the 80s-90s techno machines. This is similar to bleep!Box or technoBox2. My chief gripe about the knobs being too small and finicky remains, but this update is amazing!

Here is a tutorial, from Solomon Tomer, to help you get started!


uPhase+ is here! Unfortunately it does a terrible job of explaining what it does, and the videos aren't much help either. This is cool though! It is an exciting new way of exploring electronic music, including the possibility of networking multiple iDevices. I'll try to paraphrase it below the iTunes details.

iTunes Description:

Developped by a composer, uPhase+ is a virtual instrument geared towards live play. It focuses on giving the player total control over phasing patterns that can be spatialized on up to seven devices.

A "Solo Mode" acts as the app's lab, allowing the player to refine and save patterns before setting up a networked session.

uPhase+ is a door to Interactive Minimalism.

  • 12 Video tutorials on help you to make the most of uPhase+.
  • Conceived from the ground up for iPad, fully multi-touch interface.
  • Beautifully recorded piano samples, modifiable in real-time via an in-app sample editor (all samples by Bluemorfo).
  • Network up to 7 devices via wifi to spatialize patterns. When networking devices, only one of them needs to run uPhase+. The others can connect via the free companion app, uPhase Client.
  • Example Session included to get you going.
  • Crisp graphics take advantage of the New iPad's retina display.
  • Optimized to require very little bandwidth, even when networking 7 devices.
  • Depending on demand and feasability, future updates will add requested features. WAV output is for the moment at the top of the list.

Please note that although it will run on previous generation devices, uPhase+ is optimized for iPad 3.

Buy uPhase+ on iTunes: $4.99


Buy uPhase Client on iTunes: Free

The shortest possible explanation for all of that is: You make different, but similar, patterns of notes and then play them back at different off-sets. So one of the patterns starts on the first note, but another started on the second or whatever and has slightly more or different notes. This creates a "phase" as they loop. You can really get into exploring this with multiple iDevices running the free Client app, so you have the output coming from different places in your room. The uPhase Client is universal, but the developer recommends using an iPad 3 for the main uPhase+ app.

There are a lot of tutorial videos, but they're on Vimeo and scattered all over the official site, making it really tricky for me to point you at them all. Your best bet is to head over to his Vimeo page. Here is the quickstart guide.

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