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TouchProducer, run by Nick and Andrew, has had a long hiatus! You may remember Nick as the host of the TouchSound Podcast. They are back today with a guest review of the MPC Fly, from Steven Williams.

Interestingly enough I ran an Akai MPC Fly Impressions guest article back in April from Mr. Steve Williams.

Coincidence? I think not! I am glad to see some activity on TouchProducer though! It isn't their fault that Steve is whoring himself out all over. Playing with the MPC Fly for 15 minutes at a trade show sure has given him a lot to talk about; though I think it is disingenuous to call it "review" worthy.

TouchOSC extending the usefulness of an old synth!

The Roland Alpha Juno 2 can make some great sounds. However, like a lot of synths of its time, it is woefully lacking in meaningful controls. You've got to hunt around through menus on a tiny LCD screen to get at the good stuff!

TouchOSC to the rescue! BIM0X put together his own little Arduino hack to add WiFi MIDI to the old synth that came out in 1986. The Arduino is catching OSC packets sent over WiFi and translating them into MIDI messages for the Alpha Juno 2. With that done he was able to setup a slick custom TouchOSC layout to make accessing the hidden goodies as easy as using an iOS synth!

Here a video of him testing it out:

Video Details:

Touch OSC sends OSC messages (e.g /jun/DCO_Range 2.000) which are translated by the Arduino into Midi SysEx messages. But the Arduino also translates Midi sysex messages from the Juno 2 into OSC messages (sort of loopback) so that when you change the patch on the Juno2, faders automatically move to the right position !

The code and detailled instructions will soon be published on

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

Q&A with One Red Dog's Peter Johnson

ProMusicApps has an interview up with Arctic & Molten developer Peter Johnson. It's a good read! Here is an interesting highlight:

So what can we expect to see for the remainder of 2012 out of One Red Dog Media?

I’m busy developing a major overhaul of Arctic with a new synth engine. In collaboration with a well-respected professional sound designer, the new app will include a new collection of presets. I hope this will address a lot of people’s complaints with Arctic’s factory sounds. The synth engine is also massive; we’ve managed to make some really significant improvements. As the development of this has been very big, it will probably be released as a new app rather than an update. I’ve also been working on a very exciting new product with an ARIA award-winning artist, but that’s all I’m going to say for now!

You can read the whole article here.

iOS Music Meet - Berlin

Germany is getting a big event full of iOS Music Making goodness from JustMusic and CDR. The iOS Music Meet will feature, "the first in a series of events that explores a world of music creation from an iOS perspective."

Bringing together artists, App developers, hardware manufacturers and enthusiasts alike the iOS Music Meet is the place to check out some of the latest technology available for the iOS platform with the people making it happen in an informal nurturing environment.


Hands On Area - From beat programming, DJing and mixing to recording and sound design attendees will have the chance to check out what the iOS platform has to offer with the support from our team of experienced producers and product specialists who will be on hand to set you up, answer your questions and offer advice.
Workflow production presentations - Delivered by leading music producers these workshops will highlight the use of iOS platform for creating music in a variety of creative scenarios.

All of this is going on Thursday July 12th in Berlin. Suspiciously all of their event and promotional information is in English, so I think they are just fucking with everyone outside of Germany. Why do you play with my emotions?


Even if you can't get out to Berlin, your music can! They've got a "MADE WITH iOS Playlist" that will be DJ curated and played that night. To submit your own music for consideration head on over to their SoundCloud dropbox and upload your own iOS-only tracks.

Here is the trailer for the event:

New Beatsurfing video from Herrmutt Lobby

Beatsurfing developer, Herrmutt Lobby, has posted a new video demonstrating how to play minor and major thirds easily with Thumbjam.

Video Details:

It is an horizontal sequence of minor and major third, 3 semitones and 4 semitones. x+3+4+3+4+3+4+3+4 ect...

Vertical axis increment by semitones. it allow to augment or diminish any notes of the simples chords you get when you just play 4 consecutive notes on a horizontal line. The big yellow circles on top permute all minor and major intervals.

Buy Beatsurfing on iTunes: $11.99

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