Stevie Wonder's As, on iFretless Bass

iFretless Bass developer Blue Mangoo Software, did a little demo of himself playing Stevie Wonder's As.

Does anyone else think it is in poor taste to do Stevie Wonder covers on a touch screen? I'm kidding, this is nice little performance!

via iOS Musician

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Korg iOS Improv Jam Video

Incura keyboardist, Jim McLaren, has put together another very high-quality iOS jam video! This time utilizing Korg's WIST to sync up iMS-20 with iKaossilator, and a Monotribe. GeoSynth is in there as well for a solo. Seriously funky little groove here.

This is the last day of the Korg 50% off sale, so you grab what you can while the grabbing's good!

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Myagi's DJ Setup with meta DJ

Myagi, Canadian producer and DJ, has been all over iPad music apps from the beginning. He's even made huge contributions to some apps like finger's BassLine and meta DJ (link to review). DJ Techtools did a great little interview with him to see how he uses meta DJ in his live shows.

I think he must have ADHD too! Gotta keep tweaking knobs!

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iYM2151 Impressions and Tutorials

Reader Garrett let me know about a bunch of great tutorials and other videos DETUNE Ltd. has put out for their new iYM2151.

I've been playing with it a lot today and I'm kind of taken aback. It is seriously complicated, which is fine, but the archaic interface makes it a pain in the ass to navigate the complexities. SunVox is a great comparison, but in terms of complexity and power. Note input in iYM2151 is easier and more fluid than in Sunvox, but getting around to all of the parts is a chore. I'm going to stick with it, and do a review, but for now I would only recommend this to people who really love 16-bit game sound tracks or have a passionate love of FM. If you're just FM-curious, you should check out the $2 DXi.

For the brave, you can find some tutorial videos on DETUNE's YouTube Channel as well as a manual here (English version is not complete). Here's a tune by composer Keishi Yonao:

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Reverse Dev Interview: Quid PRO Mode?

If a typical interview would be me asking a developer questions on your behalf; today I present the reverse! I'd like to ask you questions on a developer's behalf.

In a recent comment on Arctic Key's latest update, reader gatearray pointed out some weird behavior in Arctic's delay effect. I asked the developer, Peter Johnson at One Red Dog, about this and he agreed that it was not working very well. But he was already on the case, developing an entirely new rewrite for Arctic's engine!

Alas, such a drastic change has some pitfalls. Most notable among those is compatibility! The delay does work, so it is something you may have already used a dozen times over, working with its quirks. With the quirks gone, your patches will not sound the same as they did when you designed them.

Additionally, Apple prevents developers from charging for App updates. Which means there would be no compensation for Peter's effort to rewrite everything. Essentially doing the whole App over for nothing.

With these concerns in mind, he has been considering releasing the rewrite as a separate "Arctic Pro" App. He'd love to get user feedback ahead of time, before you guys go hunt him down with pitchforks and torches. So I'll present his dilemma here and I encourage you to share your Answers in the comments!

Q1: Is it worth buying a separate app if an update would break your current patches?

Q2: How do you feel about buying a new version of an app you've already bought?

Please share your thoughts and help Peter with his quandary!
And be nice, at least he's asking instead of just doing shit to you like other developers have!

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