Propellerhead Reason on iPad via Parallels Access has a demo of Propellerhead Reason running on an iPad via a desktop sharing app. Controlling PC/Mac apps from your iPad isn't anything new, but this particular app is! Parallels Access and the desktop agent are both free!

Buy Parallels Access on iTunes: Free

zMors Update

zMors, the 4 layer iPad synth, has been updated with a variety of improvements and is still on sale!

What's new in zMors v1.01

  • Cloud presets will be cached if there’s no connectivity
  • Sequencer score length is shown
  • Default sound in better quality (sub octave , decay, level)
  • Added glide mode when decay value > 10sec
  • Saving a preset from now on always creates a new item
  • Improved Modwheel assignment in user interface
  • Keyboard pitch is disabled by default in System menu
  • Attack, Decay, Release now up to 10 seconds
  • Editable sound designer profile via System menu

Buy zMors on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Wine Glass Synth HD Preset Demo

thesoundtestroom set out to do a typical preset demo for the recently released, and Audiobus compatible, Wine Glass Synth.
What he ended up with was more of a cautionary tale!

Buy Wine Glass Music Synth HD on iTunes: $1.99

Pantsofdeath - Decomposition Blues

Pantsofdeath just released this new, creepy as fuck, music video for the 4th track on his Defawmation album. Although you can't see the apps, everything on the whole album was produced on his iPad.

Grantophone 2.0 for WP8

MATRIXSYNTH found this demo from Grant Kot, iOS and Windows Phone developer, showing off the latest version of his Grantophone, featured here last November! He mentions in the comments that this will be coming to Android and iOS soon.

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