Mobile Music Advent Calendar: Day 1 - NanoStudio 50% Off

Palm Sounds has been coordinating with all of the iOS Blogs to bring everyone 25 days of Mobile Music goodies! To be perfectly honest, the rest of us haven't done much, and Palm Sounds is just letting the rest of us ride his coat tails. Thanks Ashley! This is going to be great, with new sales and give-aways coming every day this month leading up to the 25th!

We're starting off strong thanks to Blip Interactive taking 50% off the price of NanoStudio! This is a one day sale, so hurry up and read my review to decide if you want to take advantage of it.

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Synergy Studio from 4Pockets

4Pockets have released Synergy Studio. Originally scheduled for release on the 3rd of December, it is on iTunes now! This looks like an interesting combination of studio and matrix sequencer, similar to 4Pockets' Aurora app.

iTunes Description:

Synergy Studio is a sequencer that enables music creation by all musical abilities. By simply tapping on the grid interface users can lay down a series of notes and patterns of up to 64 notes to create a musical sequence.

If you are a seasoned musician looking for a tool to help lay down new ideas or need more advanced features then Synergy has the lot, a fully integrated mixer, lots of plug-in effects, complete customization of instruments and patches and extensive automation facilities.

There are four main instrument categories to choose from: Drums, Analogue Synthesizer, Sample and Pad Synth. Each category contains different types of instruments - for example in the drum kit category you can choose from an array of different kits including Analogue T9, Orchestra, Rock and Techno. Further instrument packs are available in the Synergy’s free sound library or as In-App purchases.

Synergy includes MIDI implementation enabling you to interact with MIDI hardware, such as Synths and Samplers creating a powerful live tool.

Buy Synergy Studio on iTunes: $19.99

4Pockets have put together an excellent, and very detailed, tutorial video to help get you going.

Samplr Review

Maria has been having a lot of fun with Samplr. So much so, she put together a video to show it off and talk about the features!

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $4.99

DJ Player is FREE!

One of the most professional DJ apps on iOS, DJ Player, is free now through December 4th! Thanks to Simon for the heads-up!

iTunes Description:

DJ Player is the PREMIUM DJing solution for iOS devices, with 2 decks, 2 effect engines and a mixer.

Designed, developed and tested by professional DJs, every detail is carefully tuned and continuously improved to provide the best DJ application for You.

  • High stability, performance and audio quality. Lowest latency.
  • Flexible audio routing with different output modes, plus ultra-low latency WiFi streaming.
  • Designed for the DJ booth, not just your hand.
  • Advanced cueing, looping and slip mode.
  • Full MIDI controller support with mapping.

Buy DJ Player on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $44.99)

This is pretty incredible for DJ Player to be free, when most folks agree it is worth the $45 asking price. It is even Universal!

I have featured it a couple of times in the past, including a tutorial and this demo with the Stanton SC3 sending it MIDI.

2 Months Without a Legal Threat and Other Site News

Since I started covering news in March, there has been a legal threat directed at me every other month. I have now gone two whole months without one, and not for lack of trying! This marks a real milestone for the site. I'm very glad to still be here doing what I do!

As some of you have noticed, I haven't done a video since August. In September I announced my Professional Beta Services and I was immediately taken up on my offer from several developers. I've been kept quite busy since! I've had some ideas for ECPM lessons, but I just haven't had the time to work on them. I've gotten very good at time management to squeeze in a little time for me to work on my own musical projects; in addition to running the site and interacting with all of you in the comments, emails, and social networks. The work is good though and I feel like this is an important contribution that I making. Rather than pontificate about which apps are worthwhile, I can actively help to make sure app releases and updates are all awesome!

It is like I am using my powers for good!

At this point I think it is pretty safe to say I'm here to stay. I've found a good balance in my life between the site, the beta testing, and my day job. This also means I've cut back on posting in the weekends, only posting really big breaking stories. One such story is coming tomorrow!

I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck with me while I've been getting settled in. Several of you have defended me in comments when trolls and angry devs have attacked. I'm also very grateful for all of my sponsors. Not only do you guys make it possible for me to spend a lot of time on the site everyday, I know some of you have faced campaigns from folks that oppose my content. My host, Squarespace, also received complaints against me, but they just laughed them off because we're cool like that. Squarespace has seriously been amazing, not only weathering DDOS attacks, but also weathering real weather in the form of a hurricane!

Thank you very much everyone, I'm having a lot of fun with all of this!

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