GlitchBreaks is out!

Musician Alex Matheu, active in the iOS community as distraub, has made his own app, GlitchBreaks.

I've been looking forward to this! I'm going to going to keep this short so I can go play with it, watch the video!

Buy GlitchBreaks on iTunes: $4.99

Parallel Galaxy on Animoog

YouTuber Las Redes de Nadie posted an interesting video of Animoog playing Emmett Chapman's Parallel Galaxy. All of the sequencing was done in Genome. It sounds fucking wild, almost like a Nintendo game (not just because he's got the bit crusher on).

I don't know why I bother putting these links here, I'm pretty sure you all already have both of these.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Buy Genome on iTunes: $5.99 (On sale, from $12.99)

Q&A: Should I get Genome if I'm planning on using AudioBus?

Reader Garrett wrote in with a great question that I'm sure a lot of you are asking:

Q: Should I get Genome if I plan to use AudioBus?

If you're already planning on getting AudioBus, which will route audio between compatible apps on any iOS device, should you get Genome MIDI Sequencer?

A: Yes! And do it now while Genome is on sale!

This answer is to the question of "should" and not to a matter of "need". You don't need either app to get the benefits out of them, but you should enjoy greater benefits with both. AudioBus will allow you to connect the audio stream from apps and devices in much the same way that Virtual MIDI connects apps. Genome lets you sequence your apps, by sending them MIDI notes or clock sync messages.

The combination of these two will give you a lot of great cross-app and cross-device integration, as Genome will also send MIDI over WIFI or through external USB-MIDI adapters. This is fairly serious business though. If you're not hugely serious about your iOS music then I wouldn't worry to hard on it. If you are serious, you should seriously consider grabbing Genome while it is on sale. You'll see why Genome is one of my Essential apps in the Buyer's Guide.

Thanks for the question, Garret. If anyone else has technical, advice, or other questions, feel free to use the Submit Stories link.

Buy Genome MIDI Sequencer on iTunes: $5.99 (On sale, from $12.99)

Amazing band performance with iOS Devices

Alright the video on this is a little rough and cheesy, but the music... pure joy! German band DigiEnsemble's video here is supposed to be done in the style of the 90s, or at least the style of the 90s in Germany I guess!

DigiEnsemble Berlin is a collective of 10 professional musicians exploring mobile music in serious ways, including live performance on stage. They're doing a hell of a job at that! Deutsche Welle has a video, in English, that takes a deep look into these guys. Very inspirational stuff!

Genome back, better and cheaper than ever!

Genome, one of the best ways to make your apps all play nicely together, has returned to the App Store after a bug took it out of action. Not content to merely fix the bug, this update adds Retina support and Groove Template support!

This last bit is really exciting. For those of you who haven't experienced this in DAWs like Logic or Ableton Live, a Groove Template is a way to make your MIDI tracks dance in new ways. With typical MIDI quantization you're just trying to get all your notes to line up on the 1/16th notes or whatever. With Groove Templates you can radically shift everything to make a specific pattern of quantization, rather than have everything line up to a grid.

This is super handy for any amount of work in MIDI, but it is especially useful with drums. Simply lay in your basic beat, and then throw a groove on top of it instead of the more common haphazard "Swing" variable. The results are lively instead of robotic!

Current owners of Genome should be excited about that, but everyone else should be excited about the sale! You can pick it up today for $6, down from $13! To see how Genome works, and get an introduction to Virtual MIDI, you can check out my tutorial here:

Buy Genome MIDI Sequencer on iTunes: $5.99 (On sale, from $12.99)

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