Garageband Update - Make your own ringtones on iOS 6!

While there have been several apps designed to make ringtones, Apple has never allowed any app to actually copy the ringtone files into the system. You always had to do this back and forth dance with your computer. Until now!

What's New:

  • Create custom ringtones and alerts for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch*
  • Import songs from the Music library on your iOS device
  • Play or record with GarageBand in the background while using other apps**
  • Addresses a number of minor issues related to overall performance and stability
* Requires iOS 6 or later
** Requires iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later

Just to be super clear on those extra points at the bottom, iOS 6 is not required for this update! You will need iOS 6 if you want to import your own ringtones though. On iPhone 4S+ and iPad 2+ you can also now use background audio in Garageband!

Reader gatearray has already been playing with this and pointed out that since you can import anything into GarageBand with Audio Pasteboard, you could make a ringtone or notification out of just about any iOS music app!

Buy GarageBand on iTunes: $4.99

GrainBender Protests Apple Patent Abuses

Readers hoyas79, Matt, and gatearray let me know about the price change for GrainBender, which carries with it some sad news!

iTunes Description:

In protest over Apple's abuse of the patent system I am removing all my apps from the app store. I will issue one update for existing customers if necessary to fix any bugs that arise from the transition to iOS 6.

Buy GrainBender on iTunes: $99.99

That is no typo. All of Miles Egan's apps are now $100 to discourage sales while he continues to support the app. I tried to contact him this morning, about his decision, but he was not feeling talkative.

As a non-partisan in the Apple vs Android Wars, I can really relate. The idea that Apple has a patent on a rectangle with round edges is pretty absurd, but many of the patents they were hitting Samsung with were downright scary.

Like the gestures! How can anyone patent moving your thumb to the left? The whole business of patents and copyrights has been laughable for decades, but these guys are actually using these stupid patents to sue the shit out of each other instead of competing.

Apple won this round, which will of course be appealed, but in response Google tried to counter by blocking imports of all Apple products because they use some equally stupid Google patent. Meanwhile your iPhone 5 that's on the way, has many of its parts fabricated for Apple by Samsung factories!

This is all maddening to fans of technology. I can understand Miles wanting to protest it, but I doubt it will be very meaningful. In the end, as with all of this patent nonsense, it is the consumers who really lose. I love GrainBender, and I'm not just saying that because it is the only app that includes presets from me!

Animoog Custom Timbres Round-Up

In addition to my own timbres pack for Animoog, there have been several new packs produced by the community! I thought I'd round them all up for you here. For details on how to install these, see the original article on DIY Timbres.

First up was bbcp, who sampled a Waldorf Microwave II. He even made a pack sampled from another app, Virsyn's Addictive Synth.

Shortly there after BeatMakerTV sampled his Novation BassStation.

Mechetemirage dusted off his Korg Monotribe to put together his own pack.

Just last night Tony Kalt posted a new Set of 18 Timbres that range from gritty to eerie!

There is also a commercial pack of 64 professional Timbres from Sunsine Audio.

I'm really glad to see PPG WaveGenerator's release hasn't slowed down the enthusiasm for custom timbre hacking.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Impaktor vs Bloom

BeepStreet highlighted this new video of their Impaktor app in action. Despite the aggressive sounding name, this is actually some really soothing music! Bloom is an app I hadn't even heard of before, but apparently it was developed by Brain Eno!

If you dig this you should check out mysoftmusic's YouTube Channel for a lot more of this New-age vibe.

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Bloom HD on iTunes: $3.99

Lapnayh - Senderos

Lapnayh, a Mexican Pop duet, is a pretty neat live act. All of the music is made by el vato, via his iPad, iPod Touch, and a Wii-Mote controlling a laptop. They just posted a ton of new videos to their YouTube channel, but this one has a slow enough BPM that even I can understand it... and I failed Spanish, twice.

Video Description - Translation:

Music video for "Trails", with scenes from various concerts. New music with a Wii-remote and a beautiful voice.

Lapnayh: Mexican duo's innovative pop music that integrates with new technologies such as Digital Gadgets, Wii-remote, iPod Touch and iPad.

Cecilia Suarez (Vocalist-soprano)
Adam Ramirez (Middle-electronic synths)

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