Sonic Touch #15: DrumJam & Impaktor

Nick and Gaz take a look at DrumJam and Impaktor, two recent drum apps.

Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $7.99

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99


Bleep is a new chiptune drum app for iPhone. This is by the same guy who makes the 8-Bit Studio app.

He actually makes a ton of apps, none of which meet the high standards we've come to expect from $0.99 apps. This looks like it might have some sound design options though, which would justify the huge price tag. It even has MIDI input!

Buy Bleep on iTunes: $0.99

Here is a short demo of the wavetable in this drum machine.

Magellan Tutorial #4: Sequencer

Yonac's latest lesson for Magellan is on sequencing and playing back notes.

Video Description:

Welcome to the fourth tutorial for Magellan - the Professional Analog Modeling Synthesizer. In this video, we demonstrate how to create a song in the sequencer. We use multi-tracks in a pattern and put together a few patterns for our song. We also show how to use the timeline play and timelock features.

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $9.99

FL Studio Mobile 2 Preview

Imagine-Line have released a little teaser preview of FL Studio Mobile 2. This video demonstrates new sampling functionality.

I wish they'd focus on including some of their custom instruments from FL Studio, rather than more sampling stuff. Sytrus, for example, is a very underrated but fun way to play with FM.

Harmony Voice by VirSyn

VirSyn, makers of Addictive Synth, iVoxel, and iSyn, have a new vocal harmonizer app. Harmony Voice is available now on iTunes. Thanks to reader Nique for the heads-up on this!

Feature Highlights:

Harmony Voice is a pitch shifter and harmonizer with professional features including automatic tuning correction.

• Four part realtime Harmonizer / Pitch corrector
• Play background track from your iTunes library.
• Hi-end Reverb, Chorus and Delay effects.
• CoreMIDI compatible for MIDI Keyboard.
• Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
• Audio pasteboard for exchange with other Apps

Headphones are required to avoid feedback. Headsets with mic work great, for best quality we recommend IK Multimedia's iRig Mic.

Buy Harmony Voice on iTunes: $5.99

They've also put out a demo to give you an idea of what it can do.

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