Musaico is now Universal and on sale!

I hadn't heard about this app at all, so thanks to iDesignSound for bringing it to my attention! Musaico is "a new compositional paradigm consisting of integrated loop-based and timeline-based approaches", but despite all that it seems like an interesting way of working. You can mix up some loops for playing them like clips in Ableton, or assign them into traditional tracks. Once assigned to tracks these can then be made into their own loops and brought back into the clip launcher as Super-Clips.

The iPad version has AudioPaste, so it is easy to get your own material in. Both versions can make use of the iPod library to import other people's (non-DRM) songs for remixing.

Here's a demo of how the remixed Super-Clip loops can be grouped and played along with other samples in a fairly intuitive way.

Buy Musaico on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

GlitchBreaks Loops from Sunsine Audio

I don't like to list Sample packs here. Presets for specific iOS apps are one thing. Sample packs are so generic that I think that opens up the flood gates, and I don't want to flood the site! Sunsine Audio, makers of numerous preset packs, have found my one weakness though! They start off their description for the new GlitchBreaks pack with a profound quote from Genesis P-Orridge.

"Around the late 40s the atom was split... We discovered that everything was forever changed, when we discovered the word could be cut up, that sound could be cut up. That everything having to do with culture could be cut up and reassembled in ways that didn't exist before. That will be seen as the most radical, important thing that happened this century"
- Genesis P-Orridge, Modulations

Goddamn it. It would be sacrilegious to ignore an opportunity to post that. Alright, here's their demo video:

Sunsine has also provided a bunch of new loops that will be included in the upcoming version of GlitchBreaks (now by reviewed for the App Store), but if you want to get some more Glitchy Loops you can pick up this pack of 49 from their site for $2.99.

Yamaha app Updates and 50% Off

With the expected launch of their new Synth Arp & Drum Pads on the US iTunes store (already available everywhere else it seems), Yamaha have put all of their apps on sale for 50% off.

They've also updated a few of these, including TNR-i:

  • Added high quality graphics for the new iPad Retina display.
  • Small Bug fixes

Also updated were Performance Editor Essential and Set List Organizer, both of which have only the following change noted:

  • Added Retina icon for the new iPad

Yup, just the icon... Oh well, good deals at least! This is the first time TNR-i has ever been on sale.

Please note all links are for the US iTunes store; Yamaha splits up their apps by region.
All prices shown here are the sale price.

Buy TNR-i on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Performance Editor Essential on iTunes: $1.99

Buy Faders & XY Pad on iTunes: $1.99


Buy Multi Editor Essential on iTunes: $1.99

Buy Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad on iTunes: $1.99


Buy Voice Editor Essential on iTunes: $1.99

Buy Cloud Audio Recorder on iTunes: $0.99


Buy Set List Organizer on iTunes: $1.99

Buy Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF on iTunes: $0.99


Buy Synth Arp & Drum Pad on iTunes: $3.99

NanoStudio update for all versions

BlipInteractive have updated the iOS, OSX and Windows versions of their much loved NanoStudio. For those of you unaware of the computer versions, they are free! This updated adds the ability to email NanoStudio Project files (.nsp), along with other files, from the iOS version; making it easy to put together an idea on your iDevice and then work with the same project on your computer.

The sampler portion of Eden received a nice little update that allows for samples to be sliced across (up to 64) keys. This is handy for assigning specific sounds to specific notes! The iOS update also includes iPad Retina support, and file associations for the ability to "Open In..." NanoStudio from apps that support it.

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $14.99

Here's a track I did with NanoStudio for the review.

Ableton Live on the iPad with Splashtop 2

Nakano Syun took the latest version of Splashtop on a test-drive with Ableton Live. This is a great idea! I love Splashtop, it is easily the best remote desktop app for the iPad. However there is a tiny bit of latency, just a bit, but it makes everything feel sluggish. I don't know if I'd rush out to buy it just do to this, but the results are good.

Painful Googlish translation from Japanese:

Just as easy to operate. Create account to download apps, just put a soft light to the main machine. Or not it will go up there Once you have purchased crunchy app? Easily connected. I only thought is about to launch the app.

What I think he is trying to say, based on my own experience with Splashtop 2:

Ableton is just as easy to operate on the iPad. Create an account with Splashtop and install the Splashtop Streamer companion app on your computer (Mac or PC). You just need to purchase the iPad app, and you will automatically see your computer listed. This makes it easy to connect! Getting onto your computer from the iPad is as easy as launching the app.

The new version of Splashtop is really that easy. You don't have to configure anything; it creates all of the connections for you based on your account. The iPad app is $2, but the Streamer and service are totally free!

Buy Splashtop 2 - Remote Desktop on iTunes: $1.99

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